I Am Now Officially Worried

One regret that I had while I was out in japan was not being able to see Momoiro Clover live. There is a funny story that David, our friend Katsu and I had in our attempt to meet these lovely girls that I’m sure you are going to hear on our podcast sometime, but to make it short we missed on a chance to see a group of girls that has tremendous potential to compete with the likes of AKB and the Morning musumes of the idol world. Though after seeing the new PV for latest single….I am beginning to worry that their management is mishandling the direction these girls should be going.

I get really weird vibes from this PV. You have the girls dressed up in some sort of native American theme which is all fine and dandy, yet the song has a very strong Arabic/middle eastern sound to it with a random bagpipe thrown in at random parts parts of the song that makes the PV just plain awkward to watch at times. It doesn’t help that the song is very generic sounding and the dancing looks very recycled and not what you come to expect from a high energy idol group like momiro. They’re hints of crazy aerobics moves and high energy dance moves, but that is overshadowed by the very stale song and the awkward wardrobe. I defiantly preferred coconuts over this song.

And just as I was able to stomach the new Momoiro Clover PV, I then stumbled upon a preview to another new single that will be out soon and well….yea…

What is this!? Besides the fact that Blue looks like Bozo the clown’s daughter eating an ice cream cone, this PV is totally different from their last three singles with the concept being the girls just laying around motorcycles eating ice cream….huh? This direction is totally something these girls shouldn’t be going after as it deviates from what made them great and unique in this very static idol world we live in today. I think its FAR to early for them to be trying the old “were an Idol group BUT WERE DIFFERENT” tactic that you see a lot of Idol groups go through at some point in the groups career, why not wait until you actually have the whole Idol concept down before you go swinging to left field guys? To Give it some credit though, the song sounds a lot better then the single they’re currently promoting now.

What to do what to do…..Momiro Clover, I have such high hopes for you. I know with the right guidance you girls can soar higher then both you and I could ever dream of. Lets hope this is only a bump in the road and your management gets this weird vision that they have for you out of their system and go back to what they started in the beginning. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

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