Bellring Shoujo Heart

As jingling keys and the ticks of an antique clock underline this track, there is a powerful force pushing the song onward, not unlike time itself. It’s no secret that ROOM 24-7 (BELLRING Girls Heart), in both song and PV, conjures musings of melancholy and approaching mortality that many would rather push away into the deep recesses of their mind.

This track leaves an impression — one that once again reminds me of how stirring and even profound, incidental or not, music from idols can be. This kind of unique and intangible quality suggests to me that ROOM 24-7’s inception comes from a honest place, excavated from a blackened well of pained memories and macabre thoughts that we all collectively experience.

With a simple tune and thoughtful construction, ROOM 24-7 effortlessly evokes images, emotions, and thoughts as you listen to its melody and whimsical trappings. The sorrowful melody supplied by layers of breathy vocals and unorthodox structure results in a sound that many idol producers don’t consider to utilize or explore. It would be fascinating to see more mood pieces like this that reflect more complex emotions, as such material is mostly uncharted territory for idol music; but perhaps releases like this shine best when they remain largely uncommon.

I’m not often moved or affected by idol music, but ROOM 24-7 possesses a peculiar kind of character that touched a note with me. Being a illustrative and ponderous song, it is a perfect playlist addition for my drawing sessions. The best tracks to get one into a creative state of mind are songs that can expertly craft a dense atmosphere — and this is a superb example.

I understand this is not a typical offering by BELLRING, but I feel fortunate to have come across this affecting release. I’ve always had a perplexing attraction to the darker shades of the human experience, and ROOM 24-7 calls to me like a siren with its distorted, haunting song.

If you’re interested in this eccentric little group graced with truly ingenious costumes, there’s many avenues to follow their work, one of which is a Soundcloud page with their full album! Check out the links below!

Official Site
Official Twitter

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