Getemono Ryori

At lunch yesterday, the head cook at the restaurant I’m working at pulled out a rather suspicious looking plate. It didn’t match the curry and chicken lunch he made for the staff, so I inquired as to what the segmented pieces were. He said they were some sort of insect that was used for making clothes. I didn’t think he was serious so I just laughed it off. Then he took a toothpick, skewered a couple pieces, and then handed it to me.

Being that I was put on the spot and wanting to look like a manly man, I tried it.

It wasn’t the greatest. It was more awkward than anything but what I would truly find interesting was the packaging…

I asked the cook where he was even able to purchase such a thing.

“The local Asian supermarket” he said.
“And you eat these regularly?” I inquired.
“Nah, they’re too expensive.” he responded.
“Plus they’re frozen, fresh ones taste better.”

He went to the back and came out with some packaging. But I noticed how it’s labeled.

On the back too, FROZEN GROUND CUCUMBER? Even the nutrition facts lead me to believe it’s not actually cucumber. Since when does cucumber provide 35 g of protein per serving?

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