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Oyasumi Hologram


Oyasumi Hologram are a group that weren’t even on my radar until literally a few months ago. Then again, I don’t suppose they’re on that many people’s’ radars even now so perhaps I get a pass for not discovering this amazing duo sooner.

The tag team of Mochizuki Kanami and Hachigatsu-chan are a fairly odd prospect on first glance, and I’m not just talking about the dyed hair. I mean, you have a girl walking around calling herself “Miss Autumn” with a dream of being a demigod who infects other people with her happiness. The more vanilla idol fan at that point is probably wondering what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Well, Oyasumi Hologram do get fairly fired up during their live performances, but a lot of that energy is being provided by their loyal and extremely hardcore fanbase. With the duo and their audience each playing off of the other’s actions, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get when you see them perform live.

However, with all of the crazy audience participation put to one side for a moment, I feel the need to highlight that both Hachigatsu and Kanami are actually incredible singers. You can feel free to disagree with that assessment, but they have some of the best live harmonies I’ve heard out of an idol group in a long time and there’s one other thing that I think sets them apart from a lot of other groups.

When I listen to Oyasumi Hologram, I hear actual real emotion being conveyed in their singing. They’re not just speaking words at you like some groups, no their performances are far from robotic. There’s not many groups that can get my dead, shriveled, black heart to feel things but Oyasumi Hologram somehow manage to do it

I don’t know, maybe they’re just playing me like a fiddle. It wouldn’t be the first or last time and idol group pretended to be something that they’re not. But even if they were faking emotion and sincerity, they do it better than almost everyone in the business. That’s impressive if nothing else.

Speaking of the music, I suppose I should finally getting around talking about that aspect of Oyasumi Hologram. I mean, I have just spent the majority of this article talking them up to be this super awesome thing, so I guess I should at least explain why I think that. This whole thing would be a pretty pointless read otherwise.

Oyasumi Hologram have a very melancholic sound overall but their body of work ranges from said melancholia to extreme happiness and positivity while hitting all manner of points in between. This sometimes even occurs across the span of a single song, where a small moment of hopefulness burns brightly in the darkness of depression.

Oyasumi Hologram only have one major release to their name. It’s a self-titled album that released this past August and features a number of brilliant songs. These include my personal favorites “Note” and “Drifter” that I would encourage you to give a listen. They’re not going to be for everyone but if you enjoy shoegaze or more “fuzzy” musical genres then you might enjoy this.

To give you an idea of how much I love this group and their music, if I was doing the traditional end of year award format then I’d be trying to give them as many awards as possible. It’s not often music really connects with me like this has so I think it’s important that when it happens that I try to give it as much recognition as I think it deserves.

As I look forward to what Oyasumi Hologram might do in 2016, I do so with some apprehension. While I do hope that there’s more new music in some form or another, there is a worry that it’s not going to live up to their debut album. That’s just part of being a music fan I guess.

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