UP UP GIRLS (kakko KARI) – It’s Up To You / HAPPY NAKED!! / BIG BANG (27th Single)

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UP UP GIRLS (kakko KARI) – It’s Up To You / HAPPY NAKED!! / BIG BANG (27th Single)

December 10, 2019


Up Up Girls (provisional) who just succeeded in a one-man live with the concept of “oneness” at Shinjuku BLAZE on Sunday, October 27 (read: parentheses)
Will release T-palette Records on December 10th (Tue), the 27th triple A-side single “It ’s Up To You / HAPPY NAKED !! / BIG BANG”.
The three songs included in the new single are different types of party tunes. “HAPPY NAKED !!” is “HAPPY” as the title says.
A party tune that is full of Apga (temporary) ness, scattered in plenty. The choreography of this song, which was first shown at the one-man live on October 27,
Furukawa Konatsu is in charge of the choreography of the chorus that dances with both hands as peace signs. Not only fans but all the people who were there
It’s a song that makes you want to dance with your mouth. “It ’s Up To You” is a new genre that has never been seen in Up Up Girls.
Even after the 9th year, it is a song that allows you to feel the continual challenge of Apga. “BIG BANG” was the one-man live concept of the other day
One song with impressive lyrics reminiscent of a sense of unity. It’s a song that fans can sing and dance with live.
Even after entering the 9th year, Up Up Girls (provisional) continues to challenge new things without losing momentum. The winter from 2019 to 2020
This three-track party tune, Hebirote, has become an indispensable new single!

10 月27 日(日)に新宿BLAZE にて“一体感”をコンプセプトとしたワンマンライブを成功させたばかりのアップアップガールズ(仮)(読み:カッコカリ)
が12 月10 日(火)に通算27 枚目となるトリプルA 面シングル『It’s Up To You / HAPPY NAKED!! / BIG BANG』をT-palette Records からリリースする。
新シングルに収録される3 曲は、それぞれタイプの違う粒ぞろいのパーティーチューンとなっている。「HAPPY NAKED!!」は、タイトル通り“HAPPY”
がふんだんに散りばめられた、アプガ(仮)らしさ満点のパーティーチューン。10 月27 日のワンマンライブで初披露されたこの楽曲の振付はメンバーの
口ずさみながら踊りたくなってしまう曲になっている。「It’s Up To You」はこれまでのアップアップガールズ(仮)にはない、新しいジャンルに挑戦。
9 年目を迎えてもなお、挑戦を続けるアプガ(仮)を感じることができる一曲となっている。「BIG BANG」は先日のワンマンライブのコンセプトであった
“一体感”を彷彿とさせる歌詞が印象的な1 曲。ライブでファンも一体となって歌って踊れる一曲だ。
9 年目に突入してもなお、勢いを落とすことなく常に新しいことに挑戦し続けるアップアップガールズ(仮)。2019 年から2020 年にかけての冬は、寒さを
ふっ飛ばずこの3 曲のパーティーチューンのヘビロテは必須ぱ大注目のニューシングルとなっている!
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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

01. It’s Up To You  
+ Instrumental



Up Up Girls (Kari) (アップアップガールズ(仮); pronounced Up Up Girls Kakko Kari), or simply Up Up Girls, is a Japanese girl group originally consisting of seven former Hello Pro Kenshuusei members currently under UP-FRONT CREATE. They were originally known as Up Front Girls (Kari) (アップフロントガールズ(仮)), but they changed to their current name in June, 2011. The last part of their name, (仮), read ‘kakko kari’ is often used as a logo to represent the group. Their name is often shortened to Apuga (アプガ). Up Up Girls (kakko KARI)’s current lineup includes members Furukawa Konatsu (古川小夏), Mori Saki (森咲樹), Saho Akari (佐保明梨), Sekine Azusa (関根梓), and Arai Manami (新井愛瞳).
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