Up Up Girls (kakko KARI) – Agenomics!! / Kimi Loss / Upper Ranbu (25th Single)

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Up Up Girls (kakko KARI) – Agenomics!! / Kimi Loss / Upper Ranbu (25th Single)

February 19, 2019

Up-up Girls (Tentative) Triple A-side Single “Agenomics !! / Kimiros / Ara Ranbu”
NIPPON Vibes full of super live specialized song completed!

Up – up Girls (Tentative) decided to release both A – side new single “Agenomics / Kimiros” on February 19, 2019.
“A genomics pa” is a stupid party party song that can be said to be the true spirit of Apgua (provisional), Apuga where the taste of “harmony” was abundantly included
(Provisional) new style “super live shining specialized party song” will be. In 2019, we will have a new era name, welcoming the Tokyo Olympic Games held in 2020
In order to make NIPPON exciting, the festival song full of vibes was completed with the expression of Apaga (provisional).
“Kimiros” turns one, songs specialized in cool and stylish expressions of Apgua (provisional), more dancable arranging worked. Within a song, cool
It will be an ambitious work directed towards the new frontier of Apgua (provisional) who also seriously challenged rap.
At the end of last year, “Up-up Girls (Tentative) Live of All Songs” to show off 81 songs held by themselves held at Zepp Tokyo
Then, up-up girls who made a manifestation of intention to be an idol group specialized for live to the last (provisional). Lots of live performances
Please come and have a look at the new single full of facial expressions that can be expressed because of Apaga (temporary).

アップアップガールズ(仮) トリプルA面シングル 「アゲノミクス!!/キミロス/阿破乱舞」

アップアップガールズ(仮)が、2019 年2 月19 日に両A 面ニューシングル『アゲノミクス/キミロス』を発売する事が決定致しました。
「アゲノミクスぱぱ」は、アプガ(仮)の真骨頂と言えるバカ騒ぎ系パーティーソングに、 “和”のテイストがふんだんに盛り込まれたアプガ
(仮)の新しいスタイルの“超ライブ映え特化パーティーソング”となります。2019 年、新元号を迎え、2020 年には東京オリンピック開催を迎
えるNIPPON を盛り上げるべく、アプガ(仮)なりの表現でバイブス溢れるお祭りソングが完成しました。
「キミロス」は一転、アプガ(仮)のクールかつスタイリッシュな表現に特化、よりダンサブルなアレンジが効いた1 曲。楽曲内では、クール
昨年末には、自身の持ち曲81 曲を披露する “アップアップガールズ(仮)Live of All Songs ~立ち続ける事~”をZepp Tokyo にて開催

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Track List Information
CD Track List

01. Agenomics!!
02. Kimi Loss
03. Upper Ranbu
+ Instrumentals



Up Up Girls (Kari) (アップアップガールズ(仮); pronounced Up Up Girls Kakko Kari), or simply Up Up Girls, is a Japanese girl group originally consisting of seven former Hello Pro Kenshuusei members currently under UP-FRONT CREATE. They were originally known as Up Front Girls (Kari) (アップフロントガールズ(仮)), but they changed to their current name in June, 2011. The last part of their name, (仮), read ‘kakko kari’ is often used as a logo to represent the group. Their name is often shortened to Apuga (アプガ). Up Up Girls (kakko KARI)’s current lineup includes members Furukawa Konatsu (古川小夏), Mori Saki (森咲樹), Saho Akari (佐保明梨), Sekine Azusa (関根梓), and Arai Manami (新井愛瞳).
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