Nijiiro no Hiko Shojo – Nijiiro no hiko shojo (1st Single)

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Nijiiro no Hiko Shojo – Nijiiro no hiko shojo (1st Single)

September 21, 2018

Theater company ToyLateLie The seventh time performance “7 × 1 (reading: Nanakakeiichi)” limited-time idle unit. Formed in July prior to the October stage. LIVE will be announced at “Sekigahara Utahime Battle Battle 2018”, debut with electric shock. It will be a dreamlike project that the unit in the story exists. For music producers I will welcome “Komazawa Hiroto / koma’n”, which will not stop momentum as a young composer, “Kokoro” who is responsible for the choreography of numerous genres in the choreography and will make “real idol”.

“Rainbow-colored flying girls” is led by actress, model, designer, etc. Hiroko Hiramatsu who is active in multi. Other members Ayumi Miyu (Ai Otome ☆ DOLL), Yamagishi Natsumi, Aura Shion, Sakura Chihiro (Wonderweed), Ezaka Ao, Usami Kana (foreign parapetante). Individual rich members such as current idols, former idols, YouTuber gather together, causing a miracle this summer.
Furthermore, he is a composer and songwriter of a debut song “Rainbow-colored flying girl”, which is a young composer and the hottest Komazawa Hiroto / koma’n will show off at LIVE.


さらに若手作曲家で大注目の駒沢浩人/koma’n がLIVEでお披露目となるデビュー曲『虹色の飛行少女』の作曲・作詞を務める。

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