Migma Shelter – Parade’s End (3rd Single)

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Migma Shelter – Parade’s End (3rd Single)

March 19, 2019


From collaboration label “MUSIC @ NOTE” by pop culture event “@ JAM” and tower record
MIGMA SHELTER (Migma Shelter) is determined to release a new single “Parade’s End” on March 19 (Tuesday).
MIGMA SHELTER is an idle unit that works with two people, Mimi Miyu and Brazil. We have been recruiting since August 2018
A new member audition welcomes four people who have passed and starts activities with a six-person system.
There is no figure of a member in the jacket of single “Parade’s End” which is the first in the new system, and four new members
The name and profile will also be announced in the unreleased state.
This is the first release from MUSIC @ NOTE, and the first release under the new system, and the music to more and more customers
We will deliver. Please pay attention to the new activities of MIGMA SHELTER.

MIGMA SHELTER(ミグマシェルター)が3 月19 日(火)にニューシングル「Parade’s End」をリリースすることが決定。
MIGMA SHELTER はミミミユ、ブラジルの2 名で活動を行なうアイドルユニット。この度、2018 年8 月より募集していた
新メンバーオーディションにて合格した4 人を迎え、6 人体制での活動をスタートさせます。
その新体制での第一弾となるシングル「Parade’s End」のジャケットにはメンバーの姿はなく、新メンバー4 人に関し
MUSIC@NOTE からの初のリリースであり、新体制での初のリリースとなる今作で、より一層多くのお客様へその音楽を
届けてまいります。 MIGMA SHELTER の新たな活動にご注目ください。
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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

1. Parade’s End
2. the Answer
3. Parade’s End – instrumental
4. the Answer – instrumental



MIGMA SHELTER (ミグマ・シェルター) is Japanese idol unit that debuted on April 16, 2017 and is part of the AqbiRec family AqbiRec (There There There’s, Gu-Gu LULU, CLOCK & BOTAN, etc.) family. Koji Tanaka serves as director while Hiroaki Taniyama serves as the group’s sound producer. Migma Shelter plays a full-fledged psychedelic trance with performances called a “rave” that connects all songs nonstop and sometimes plays mashups and MEGA MIX. Migma Shelter’s current lineup includes members Mimi Miyu (ミミミユ), Brazil (ブラジル), Yubune (ユブネ), Misonee (ミソニー), Tamane (タマネ), Shaishaiko (シャイシャイコ), and Kamin Reina (仮眠玲菜).
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Single, maxi
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