Magical Punchline – Mouichido (5th Single)

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Magical Punchline – Mouichido (5th Single)

October 9, 2019


A magical punchline single with a new chapter of 6 members, welcoming new members who joined at the one-man live held on February 24, 2019. (C) RS

2019年2月24日開催のワンマンライブにて加入した新メンバーを迎え6人体制の新章がスタートしたマジカル・パンチラインのシングル。 (C)RS

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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

1. もう一度
2. Alright
3. Melty Kiss (from 2019.07.14 ~LIVE SUMMER 2019~)
4. マジ☆マジ☆ランデブー (from 2019.07.14 ~LIVE SUMMER 2019~)

1. もう一度
2. これから、私!
3. 今日がまだ蒼くても (from 2019.07.14 ~LIVE SUMMER 2019~)
4. ハルイロ (from 2019.07.14 ~LIVE SUMMER 2019~)

1. もう一度
2. 名もなきヒーロー
3. ぱーりないと!! (from 2019.07.14 ~LIVE SUMMER 2019~)
4. ONE (from 2019.07.14 ~LIVE SUMMER 2019~)



MAGICAL PUNCHLINE (マジカル・パンチライン, stylized MAGiCAL PUNCHLiNE) is a magic-themed idol group formed in 2018 around center member Sato Rena who is a former member of Idoling!!!. The group has their own magical land and map, which features the main land of “Asgirl’s”, where magical girls who have graduated magic school reside, and the secondary land of “Midgirl’s”, a non-magic land based on science. Each land has cities and landmarks, all detailed in their “Magipedia“. Sato Rena graduated from the group April 8th, 2018. MAGiCAL PUNCHLiNE’s current lineup includes Koyama Lina (小山リーナ), Asano Anna (浅野杏奈), Shimizu Himawari (清水ひまわり), Okiguchi Yuuna (沖口優奈), and Yoshizawa Haruka (吉澤悠華).
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