Chu-Z – Baribarinrin (New Single)

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Chu-Z – Baribarinrin (New Single)

July 9, 2019


Chu-Z Long-awaited single! The second of the Party ROCK listed in the previous single “Parillo!”. We hope to see you on Chu-Z, where you runaway the idol scene with up-tempo sound and catchy choreography! (C) RS

Chu-Z 待望のシングル!前回のシングル「パリロ!」で掲げたParty ROCKの第二弾。アップテンポなサウンドとキャッチーな振り付けでアイドルシーンを暴走するChu-Zに乞うご期待! (C)RS

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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

01. ばりばりんりん
02. サマーゲイザー
03A. バタフライ
03B. 絶対零度フレア
03C. 未来カクレンボ
03D. 向日葵のうた
03E. Blazin’ Up



Chu-Z (チューズ) is a Japanese idol group formed in July 2012 to include former Idoling!! member Kobayashi Maia (麻衣愛). The name Chu-Z is a wordplay with the English word “choose”. The meaning is that the members have multiple talents like dancing, singing, talking… that can be selected. The idol unit is produced by Sasaki Yohey from Panicrew. According to the legend, only 2 people bought some goods after their debut performance at Yokohama Blitz. Chu-Z’s current lineup includes members Futaba (双葉), Luna (ルナ), Kana (カナ), Kaede (カエデ), Miku (ミク), Mayu (マユ), Moe (萌), Nishi Moeha (西 萌葉), and Kasuga Kanako (春日かなこ).
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