BiS – Brand-new Idol Society (2019) (7th Album)

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BiS – Brand-new Idol Society (2019) (7th Album)

August 14, 2019


In March 2019, WACK EXHiBITION did a shocking dissolution at the WACK EX HiBITION, and in May of the same year, BiS, which was the second dissolution, restarted again with five new members selected from among about 2,000 people! Producer: Yusuke Watanabe , Music Produce: A new project sent by Golden Combi of Kenta Matsushima: BiS re-debuts with a full album that will be a new feature that shakes not only the idol world but also the rock world! (C) RS

2019年3月、WACK EXHiBiTIONにて衝撃的な解散を行い、同年5月、2度目の解散をしたBiSが、約2000人の中から選ばれた新メンバー5名で再々始動!プロデューサー:渡辺淳之介、音楽プロデュース:松隈ケンタのゴールデンコンビが送り出す新プロジェクト:BiSがアイドル界のみならず、ロック界も震撼させる、新機軸となるフル・アルバムでReデビュー! (C)RS

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Tracklist Information
CD Track List
  1. STUPiD
  2. BiS-Douyara Zombie o Demashi-
  4. Refrain
  5. BiS3
  6. this is not a love song
  7. 1,2,3!!!
  8. absolutely meeeeee!!
  9. Nandesuka? (ナンデスカ?; What is it?)
  10. thousand crickets
  11. teacher teacher teacher
  12. strawberry girl
  13. LET’S GO Doumo


About BiS

BiS, also known as Brand-new idol Society (Shinsei Idol Kenkyuukai, 新生アイドル研究会), is a Japanese idol group that was founded in 2010 by leader Pour Lui. They are considered the flagship group of WACK. The original lineup disbanded at Yokohama Arena on July 8, 2014. Exactly two years after their disbandment on July 8, 2016, it was announced that BiS would reform under a new lineup including Pour Lui, and that auditions were going to be held. The 2nd Generation of BiS was active from July 2016 to May 2019, and implemented then reneged the BiS.LEAGUE system. BiS’s current lineup, the group’s 3rd Generation, includes members Manako Chiii Manako (マナコ・チー・マナコ), Chantmonkee (チャントモンキー), Neo Trees (ネオ・トゥリーズ), Toggy (トギー), and Itou Musensiteebu (イトー・ムセンシティ部).
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