Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 436 (4.11.17)

AKBINGO! Air Date: 4/11/2017

Rating 8/10

This show introduced the 16th generation of AKB48. And they got a couple lessons from experienced members. Great performance from both sides.

The studio was packed with 18 kenkyuusei girls and a bunch of regular lineup of AKBINGO!. This massive wave of fresh idols looks quite promising, and they made their appearance look quite strong by calling some AKB48 members ugly.

But the show was not about competition between different generations. In fact, some of the group veterans volunteered to play the role of a teacher to the rookies so they could learn from other’s mistakes.

So Miyazaki Miho talked about her infamous battle with her weight. She presented her problem in bright details. And then Iriyama Anna taught them about the importance of establishing your character. She showed it on an example of her first kinda childish catchphrase.

On a music spot Team 8 performed “47 no Suteki na Machi e” live from Saitama Super Arena.

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