Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 402 (08.09.16)

AKBINGO! Air Date: 8/9/2016

Rating 7/10

16 members give their opinion on 3 questions. It sounds rather simple and plain, but it was actually a lot more funny and interesting that you might think.


This time, AKBINGO is more or less like your usual Japanese talk show. But they have a pretty interesting approach to it. For example: members had been asked “How much money do they spend in month?” Those who spend below average goes to “Low” seats, and girls who spend more than average takes “High” side. And they discuss it.

So that was the first question. Most of the group members’ are more modest with their spendings. The girls discuss how they use their pocket money. And Kizaki Yuria tries to explain how can she spend 150000 Yen (approx $1500) in just one month.

The next question: “How many friends do you have besides group members?”
On the average it’s 16. Only four girls have more than this number of friends. Nakanishi Chiyori claims that she has 100 friends. On the other side, Nishino Miki has 0, and she gives good explanation on why that is.

The last question was about age difference with someone that you would have a relationship with.
He or she can only be 1.6 years younger and 10 years older on average. See group members’s opinion on age gap.


The show ends with the new music video for AKB48 45th single “LOVE TRIP”

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