Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 392 (05.31.16)

AKBINGO Air Date: 5/31/2016

Shine! The 3rd Love Song Awards

AKB48 members sincerely write lyrics based on their own experiences of love and fantasy.

What famous song will come out of this?

akbingo-392-participantsSingers: Sutou Ririka (NMB), Izuta Rina (AKB), Oda Erina (AKB), Oshima Yuka (AKB)

Guest Music Support (music comedians):

akbingo-392-doburokkuDoburokku どぶろっく
akbingo-392-hanawaHanawa はなわ

Sutou Ririka with Hanawa

Song Title: First Love Everest

About: A shocking story of forbidden love during high school right before she joined NMB.

Who does she fall in love with?

Nick’s thoughts: Not a bad sound for Ririka’s voice. Wow Her Social Studies/Geography Teacher!

Might be her personality but I think this is hilarious and cute, in a very direct/matter of fact type of way. OMG these lyrics are getting better/hilarious.

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Izuta Rina with Doburokku

Song Title: Only Look at Rina

About: Really popular in middle school, lots of people liked her but no one took an interest.

This song is to the boys who didn’t buzz around her.

Nick’s thoughts: I don’t think any of her peers takes this song seriously. The backup singers don’t help either. Sad but funny. The rap doesn’t work well.

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Oda Erina with Hanawa

Song Title: Campfire of Love

About: 5th grade field trip’s campfire. Holding hands.

Nick: Nice rock song. I really like this.

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Oshima Ryoka with Doburokku

Song Title: God of Poop

About: In 4th grade, she was a pro at forming dog poo out of dirt. Song might make you cry.

-This is a sad song but silly too-

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Music: Studio Performance of 44th Single “Tsubasa wa iranai”

Winner: Oda Erina’s Campfire of Love

MVP: Oda Erina. That was an awesome song.

Next Week: More Love Songs! (Kojima Mako, Tano Yuka, Tanaka Natsumi, Nishino Miki)

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