DiVA Covers Revealed

First surprise: there are SIX different versions. Limited version A, B, C and Regular version A, B, and C.

Now unlike the debut release of ‘Not Yet’, these covers actually look cohesive and related to each other, and the theme seems to be, “We’re hot, lesbian vampires”. Not that I’m complaining.

Umeda Ayaka and Masuda Yuka look strange in some of the covers, but more pressing than that is how confining the covers look. I’m not a fan of having a person’s entire figure fill the page from top to bottom because it gives no space for your eye to move around other than straight up and down. The black background adds to the illusion of confinement, where white would do the opposite, and open the space up. If I turned in my illustration assignments composed like these, I’d be bitchslapped for making such boring-ass covers.

As much as Smileage’s ‘Koi ni Booing Buu’ covers look like someone’s first project after a 3 hour class in photoshop, they’re actually more interesting to look at than DiVA’s.

Regular Version A is the most pleasing compositionally, Limited Version A has the best poses, and Version Cs have the cooler costumes. To make my ideal cover from the existing ones, I’d have the members doing Limited Version A poses, arranged like in Regular Version A, wearing Version C costumes.

Anyway, enough nitpicking ’cause the song sounds awesome from the preview. I’m pretty excited for this release, just look at this shit!:

It’s the coolest idol song I’ve heard this year.


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