Community Article: Majisuka 3 CM – A Close Analysis

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Well, I was in the midst of writing a speculation article on the story and plotline of Majisuka 3 when this CM came out to squash all my predictions:

A few things can be revealed about the new season if you watch this CM closely. It seems like they are taking Majisuka 3 to a whole new level. It’s exciting to see it in a new setting but it’s also a little worrying. It seems like they are getting very adventurous and it’s going to be hard to pull off.

Now, let’s take a look at the frames from the trailer to see what it could be about:


I was a bit worried about this scene when the first CM came out because it looked a bit *ehem* disturbing. As you can see here our heroine is being held against a table as she struggles to break free. The guards have symbols on their caps and uniforms which could be the symbol of the prison. Let’s move on…

Here we have our first glimpse on what could be the setting of this season. It’s a natural setting unlike what I expected when I heard that this season would take place in a prison.

The setting seems to be a prison work camp. Also, here we get our first look at other actors besides our heroine. It’s only a few frames but these girls look like extras and not any of the 48 members we know and love.

Guns?! In my idol programming?! It seems like the creators of Majisuka are stepping up the weaponry from mere pipes and the occasional shank.

Hmmm…an ominous counter. I wonder what it could mean. Perhaps there is some challenge or competition that needs to be completed within a certain time limit? Perhaps a game to win your freedom?

Now we have our first hint on the actual plot of the series. Seen in the screencaps above are posters indicating several teams. I speculate that Majisuka 3 might be a “Battle Royale” if you will. Several yankee teams are thrown in prison in order to fight it out. Perhaps Team Hormone and Team Fondue will be involved?

And the ominous countdown hits zero. This is obviously of some significance but the teaser doesn’t reveal enough for me to guess what it is. FUN FACT: The creators used this website- – to get footage for this scene. The drama’s budget must be through the roof right now…

Titlecards! These are self-explanatory. We get introduced to our heroine, Shimazaki Haruka, as guards drag her through the prison block.

More extras! Man, are we ever going to see some more 48 members?

AKB48 and SKE48 members? That’s great and all but we already knew that. This sort of makes me worry that there won’t be any NMB or HKT members in this show. That would be absolutely ridiculous.

Judging by the guard standing at attention to him and by his uniform, I can guess this is a head guard of sort. He’s most likely a main antagonist for this season.

Shimazaki with a blank look? Looks like her character is going to be just like her real life counterpart then.

The first shot of Shimazaki kicking some butt. The girl in the colorful beanie is most likely a 48 member since it’s a one-on-one fight. But the camera changes so quickly that you can’t tell who it is and the frames aren’t very clear either. Anyone have any idea who this is?

Helloooo, Mr. Fishface. This is possibly a warden character, adding another person to our potential antagonist list.

Aha, what do we have here? It seems to be Shimazaki’s Team Fondue outfit! Looks like she has only recently been separated from her team. I wonder where the other members are?!

I’m betting this puppet is owned by one of the enemies Shimazaki must fight. Cheesy gimmicky foes? Sounds like Majisuka to me!

Another clue! I think my theory on the fighting competition is right. It seems like our main enemy this time will be a “Team Mongoose”

Huh. It’s taking place in a prison. That’s been kinda obvious already…

And of course, we can’t have a CM without Shimazaki Haruka looking cute.
So that was my analysis of the newest Majisuka 3 CM. It seems to me that this prison is the setting to some kind of battle royale where several imprisoned yankee teams duke it out. It seems like Shimazaki has to fight her way to reuniting with her friends and to lead them to winning the competition. But that’s just my guess. I’m getting a huge “Battle Royale” vibe from this show. This Majisuka season might actually be pretty interesting since it takes place in a whole new setting. I’ll be looking forward to this one. Let’s pray that its writing is better than Majisuka 2…


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