messed up

but supremely entertaining. premise: what will takahashi minami say when oshima yuko frames her for wrecking a valuable guitar? the members watching through hidden cameras guess what takahashi will say beforehand, and the group who guesses correctly wins.  messed up.

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old school

as guests on a show, akb48 goes old school–performing clips from hit idol songs that date all the way back to the 1970’s. it’s interesting to see how idol music trends and styles have evolved up to this point.

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AKB48 does kagome vegetable drink CM

while it may not be big news, one can say this CM indicates the growing solidification of akb’s influence on japanese media.  akb48 participating in CMs have been a bit sparse, a few here and there; the only large CM they have done was for AOKI suits with the release …

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