Tokyo Girls’ Style: “Count Five To Dream Of You” (5つ数えれば君の夢) Impressions

Tokyo Girls' Style Count Five praise the sun \o/

“5つ数えれば君の夢・” (Count Five To Dream Of You) is a movie that came about through the Japanese crowd funding service Campfire, and stars all of the members of Tokyo Girls’ Style (Konishi Ayano, Yamabe Miyu, Arai Hitomi, Nakae Yuri and Shyoji Mei). The campaign ended up being very successfully funded, gaining …

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AKB48 Election Voting and You

Voting is under way in this year’s AKB48 General Election. The preliminary results are out and there have been quite a few eyebrows raised at the way things have panned out thus far. Perhaps even the final rankings might not be as predictable as everyone thought they would be.  

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The Truth Behind Heavy Rotation

Without a doubt one of the most controversial music videos released by AKB48 was Heavy Rotation. (Heavy Rotation: The controversy) Incensed idol fans, typically of rival idol groups and hailing from outside Japan, rallied behind the video as the epitome of poor taste. Heavy rotation was proof of AKB48 pandering …

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NSK Eats: The NSKandy Podcast

The long awaited sequel to the Enneggskay Podcast has finally arrived, and this time we’re talking about candy! Fruit candy vs chocolate candy, hard candy vs chewy, butterfingers vs candy corn, S-Tier candy and endangered candy— all this and much more in today’s podcast of NSKonfectionery. [Download] Twitter Links: Dae’s …

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Backstage Pass

There are many maid cafes spread out between the hidden alleyways and main street of Akihabara Station’s Electric Town, but very few of them offer an experience such as the Tsunku co-owned Backstage Pass…

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