CHANGE in the Works

Congratulations to Dave Chang as he has now assumed the role of Togasaki for NSK. He’ll be working with the staff and everyone to coordinate better and more organized content. Look forward to the coming weeks as we begin to make some big changes.

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You Guys Deserve a Thank You

Hi, I’m David Liao, Jr. I worked on the Fan Version of the KFC PV. A little over a week ago our video was picked up by the AKB YouTube Channel. Now today we’ve hit a million views. Never did I think that something I was personally involved with would end up being …

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KFC Fan Project: Final Push

As I tweeted last night, I’m about 85% done with the KFC fan collab video. I have a few remaining shots to fill, mostly footage that didn’t get sent in. Below I have listed times for the shots I need. There are no sign ups, so if you are interested, …

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Be Part of the Fortune Cookie Fan Project!

Koisuru Fortune Cookie FAN Ver

Inspired by the great AKS staff rendition of AKB’s latest, ‘Koi Suru Fortune Cookie’, our own David Liao is calling for anyone interested in participating for a fan-wide collaboration video. All you need is a camera and be interested in performing to the song of ‘Koi Suru Fortune Cookie’. Be …

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Hide Yo’ Oshi, Hide Yo’ Fandom

Admitting that you’re an idol fan is a challenge for some people like myself. It is hard to tell someone that you’re into girl pop groups, a lot of which feature teenage girls. I honestly would have a tough time admitting that, especially to those that aren’t as open-minded as …

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