Eneggskay Episode 1

Recorded February 19th, 2012. [download] A show about Eggs! Dae and Tron sit down and discuss what makes the egg awesome, some of their favorite egg dishes, and also best practices on how to prepare and cook eggs. Twitter Links: Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae Ayrton’s Twitter – atr0n Read more …

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Community Article: Henshin! Idol form!

Hey all! I’m rather new around these parts and the idol scene in general. Although I’m afraid that this article doesn’t contain any new stuff in terms of idols. But I though I’d start off by writing about something I know well. Kamen Rider! Yes, the long running Japanese kids …

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Community Article: The Solo Act

Biting at the heels of Iwasa Misaki’s debut, we have another great community article to share. NSK community member SleepyOta wrote an article discussing other AKB soloists and what varying levels of success they achieved. He brings up important questions and conjectures that talk about the past, present and future …

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