Can’t Get the Bland Taste Out of My Mouth

The covers of AKB’s latest single have been released, and based on these, it seems like ‘Underwhelming’ should have been the title of the single, not ‘Everyday, Katchuusha’.

Not to say I don’t like the song, I love what I’m hearing so far, but the covers have to be the most uninventive I’ve seen from AKB in a long time. With Everyday Katchuusha being jokingly referred to as ‘Ponytail to Shushu Part II’ because of all the similar themes, one would think that whoever is in charge would take steps to make it different in other aspects, especially the covers.

But for whatever reason, they took a blatantly more boring and lazy route. We understand that photoshopping and stitching shots of different girls together for group photos is not uncommon, but the limited version A and the regular version A make it abundantly clear that they used the exact same image twice. The limited and regular covers of version B might as well be the exact same thing, not even bothering to mix the lineup or anything to make it more or less appealing than the other. It seems like AKB photo shoots featured in any magazine could be more interesting to use instead.

With the covers looking sparse, rushed, and with the grand total of SIX members being featured in both A and B combined, it’s been really hard for me to choose which one I’ll eventually spend the money on.  It’s not the case of, “these covers are downright terrible”, but more, “these covers are so alike and equally vanilla that I don’t know which one to get.”


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