BiS Reveal Cover and PV for “IDOL”

Making a new post because I’m far too lazy to edit “This Week in Music”. Anyway, BiS have officially revealed the cover and PV for their new song “IDOL”. As I’m sure you all remember, the initial preview (which is now made private on their Youtube page, thanks a lot guys) showed the girls dressed up in maid outfits and singing a very traditional and rather uninspired idol song. This of course led to much speculation over a change in sound or simply just yet another PR stunt that would lead to something more familiar down the line.

Well, read on after the break to find out which one it is and my thoughts on the release.

Well, here is the cover for the single. I suppose it’s a little different from the above image but hey never judge a book by its cover right? This could just be an elaborate troll within a troll so BiS can fool us all twice with one release. It certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility given their track record of pulling crazy stunts to get themselves into the press. As far as my impressions of the cover go, I think it’s pretty okay apart from the word “IDOL” looking rather pasted on. Not entirely sure what the concept is supposed to be though so if anyone can shed some light that would be cool.


Okay, okay all joking aside I think I’ve teased you enough now. Here’s the actual PV for IDOL:

There’s the BiS we all know and love. Don’t ask me to explain the concept of the PV because even I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here. At the very least it isn’t maids singing idol songs that’s for sure. They even go as far as to burn that particular image at the end of the PV which leaves you in no doubt that there isn’t going to be a change in sound or appearance anytime soon. Overall I like the PV, mainly for the striking visuals incorporated throughout even if it does get rather weird in places (parading the members on crosses through  the streets for one). The song I’m not completely sold on yet but I have only given it a few plays so far so I think it would be unfair to pass judgement on it at this point. Right now I’m just happy that BiS is still the BiS I know and love.

So there you have it, what are your thoughts on this new offering from BiS? Did they fool you or did you see this sort of thing coming from the start? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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