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Yesterday David and I were talking about AKB and and releases they made this year when he mentioned that 2010 was hands down the best year AKB has seen, as far as singles go.  ‘Ponytail to Shushu’ and ‘Heavy Rotation’ were instant classics as far as we were concerned.  I hadn’t thought about it but looking back, 2010 was absolutely insane. Each single selling a ridiculous amount of copies, loads of media appearances, a full tv drama release, HUGE concert venues, and tons of special events/announcements that absolutely no one could have ever predicted.

There was no doubt that AKB48 was more than ‘just another idol group’ after the release of RIVER. Just one year ago, I remember seeing AKB48 become recognized as a mainstream girl group who was starting to get national attention.
They’ve come a long way in just one year, but enough reminiscing; let’s chronicle first day sales like the title says:

February 17, 2010:  1st Day Sakura no Shiori — 229,528
May 26, 2010: 1st Day Ponytail to Shushu — 354,403
August 18, 2010: 1st Day Heavy Rotation — 340,387
October 27, 2010: 1st Day Beginner —568,095

Over half million copies sold on day one?  Slap me.  AKB48 is the only artist this year to have reached this number on the first day.  There are talks about it being a million seller, but it’s early to call it yet.  The first week sale results will be something more concrete to base it on.  I couldn’t be happier that AKB entered the realm of absolutely absurd sales numbers. I’ve said it before: this is an awesome time to be an idol fan.

These numbers are ridiculous, just ridiculous.

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