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A few weeks ago, the guys at basugasubakuhatsu invited me to a cross-site collaborative podcast about AKB48. We went over 4 major topics of interest and the show was split into 4 different parts.

It was a fun discussion and a great opportunity for me so I’m very appreciative of our hosts, boykun and tenkei. I’d love to do more collaborations like this in the future and I feel like an activity like this really helps to expand the growing community.

If you were able to join us live that time, thanks a bunch for your support. As always, feedback is always appreciated. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

Round 01: State of the Music Address

In this round, we discuss the state of AKB48’s music. There have been concerns about Akimoto Yasushi being spread too thin because of too many groups to produce for. We also discuss what possible solutions there can be.

DOWNLOAD AKBrocast Round 01

Music credits:
Op: Tommy february6 – HOT CHOCOLAT
Ed: Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 – Shonen yo Uso wo tsuke!

Round 02: Arrangements

In this round, we discuss what kind of sounds attract us to our favorite AKB songs. Arrangements are looked at and we talk about what does and does not make a song good.

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Music credits:
Op: AKB48 – Flying Get
Ed: AKB48 – Yasai Sisters

Round 03: Aces

Round three of the AKBrocast! This time, we discuss aces, the faces of AKB48 and other idol groups. The panel talks about qualities and characteristics idols have that makes them aces. We also discuss pushes and why certain girls are pushed to the spotlight over fellow members.

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Music credits:
Op: Perfume – GLITTER
Ed: Momoiro Clover Z – Roudou Sanka

Round 04: The Future of AKB48

In the last round of this AKBrocast session, the panel discusses the future of AKB48. What is going to happen post-Maeda Atsuko’s graduation is talked about. We also discuss the possibility of other high-profile member graduations such as Oshima Yuko and Itano Tomomi.

DOWNLOAD AKBrocast Round 04

Music credits:
Op: BiS – Magnolia
Ed: NMB48 – Junjou U-19

Your beautiful panel:
boykun  |  @boykunnn
tenkei  |  @tenkeiwlfrye
Dave of New School Kaidan  |  @t3hDave
almond of Happy Hour with Kimuuu & almond  |  @alm0nd
Flyp from JPHIP  |  @flypflop
Greg of Selective Hearing  |  @BabyGA76


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