Balancing life and idols

Serrina and Dave paneling at Anime Los Angeles (Screenshot from boykunnn's vlog)
Serrina and Dave paneling at Anime Los Angeles (Screenshot from boykunnn’s vlog)

Hello readers. My name is Serrina and I am a content creator and correspondent at New School Kaidan. I am currently nineteen years old studying media and film at University of California, Riverside. Some of you may know me on Twitter or in real life as the nugget who is incredibly dorky. Some of you may not know me but may have seen me on The NSK podcast a few times. Some of you may not even know I existed. Well, I am here to introduce myself as well as talk about my current balance between real life and my hobby of Japanese idols.

I am a full-time university student with a part-time job at a museum, a part-time job at a events services company, a cast/stage manager for a Vietnamese culture show production, and a content creator at New School Kaidan. If I had to describe my life, I would describe it as having three to four part-time jobs while being a full-time student. It’s difficult, especially when my life hobby and passion is Japanese idols. Not only that, I have a passion for watching anime. To be completely honest, I haven’t sat down to listen to new idol music, watch new variety shows, read blog posts, or keep up with other idol fans on Twitter in the past few months. My days consist of school, work, errands, show practice, plan for the next show practice, study, sleep. It doesn’t bother me that I’m busy and always trying to satisfy people’s needs, but I do feel that I haven’t satisfied my own needs. I don’t really get alone time to binge watch or webcam chat until 4:00 A.M. anymore. I never really know what’s up in the idol world anymore. The times I do are when I occasionally check my Facebook or Twitter to almost always stumble across a graduation announcement. Rather than seeing updates on new music or interesting news about the idols I follow, I have been updating myself of who is graduating. Not the most exciting news to see whenever I do check the idol world.

However, although I haven’t been regularly following J-pop and friends on Twitter, I haven’t lost my passion. Everything I am doing when not listening to new J-pop music or watching variety shows is, in its own way, contributing to my future goals of participating in the idol industry. My jobs at the museum and events services company allow me to participate in event organization and to constantly engage the patrons’ needs and concerns. My job managing my show’s cast and stage allows me to gain experience in production management and organization. I study media and film in order to understand how media influences our society and how to help produce videos. I am a staff member for NSK because I want to participate in the international fan community to meet other fans as well as produce ideas and content that other fans would enjoy viewing. I strive to have a career where I can produce things that will make other idol fans happy, whether it be idols, music, TV shows, videos, podcasts, articles, or events.

When I title this post “Balancing life and idols,” I am not necessarily talking about time management but rather, time management AND passion. The more time I am away from idols, the more disconnected and distant I feel from the idol world. The fact that I’ve been doing fine without needing to watch idols or stay in touch with Twitter fans means that I don’t necessarily need idols in my life. It had me wondering why I should even try to make time for idols. However, the fact that I am intentionally studying media and working multiple jobs that require me to participate in events and entertainment productions is all because I love idols. The very few hours I do get every few weeks watching a few variety show episodes or the few minutes I scroll through my Twitter seeing my friends happily tweeting about their idol’s blog or news brings me the same amount of motivation I get when I regularly participate in the idol world. The things I do are all for the sake of me wanting to make other idol fans happy.

So what’s next? Pretty much the same daily life of school, work, and idols. However, I want to strive to do more. I want to be able to make more time for myself to enjoy the idol world as well as continue to think of more ideas for the fan community. I’m not doing the best job time managing myself but I haven’t given up. I’m still learning and full of passion. I hope anyone who reads this gets to understand me a little better as well as introduce themselves to me on Twitter or in real life. I also hope that this post can show people that it is definitely possible to manage life and hobbies. Again, I may not be doing the best job managing life and idols, but I can definitely say that I’m happy. I’m learning, doing, and enjoying life.

You can check out me being the same dork but with short, blond hair in boykunnn’s vlogs:

Serrina at Anime Impulse

Serrina at Anime Los Angeles for NSK’s Introduction to Wota Life Panel

I also reunited with @FilipinoMarco after about two years! Reunited and it feels so good!!

Reunited with my favorite Nattsun oshi!

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