babyraids JAPAN PV Collection

I forgot to post this last week. Here’s a collection of all the babyraids PVs up to their most recent release, Baki Baki. Time to do some research and get prepared for JPOP Summit 2017.

1st Single – babyraids

2nd Single – Baby Revolution

3rd Single – JUMP

4th Single – Baby Ambitious

5th Single – Koyomi no Ue de wa December

6th Single – Koi wa PANIC

7th Single – Bucchake Rock’n Hacchake Roll

8th Single – Tora Tora Tiger

9th Single – Eiko Sunrise

10th Single – Pretty Little Baby


11th Single – Hashire, Hashire

12th Single – Senko Believer

Cinderella ja Irarena


13th Single – Baki Baki

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