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New PV Alert: DAOKO – Otogi no machi

“Otogi no machi (御伽の街)”, the latest digital single from DAOKO, finds the artist feeling the groove in a track that finds her rapping on top of electronic programming that sounds simultaneously forward and throwback. DAOKO still has a talent for lyrics as she demonstrates her flow in the verses of …

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New PV Alert: Hinatazaka46 – Seishun no uma

The Hinatazaka46 fourth single gets under way with the release of the promotional video for the common coupling track “Seishun no uma (青春の馬)”. With the group in icy blues, the cadre of girls execute at spirited dance performances on a wintry soundstage. Barren trees and dramatic spotlights highlight Hinatazaka46 as …

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New PV Alert: Girls² – Chuwapane!

Serving notice that their 2nd Mini Album “Chuwapane! (チュワパネ!)” is cooking up, Girls² release the promotional video for the the album’s title track. “Chuwapane!” is technically a Lyric Video, but in service of the song the video shows us off-shot of the crew shooting promotional images for the album artwork. …

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New PV Alert: Mi☆nA – Stormy

Miho and Sena have a new promotional video featuring their twin dance skills. Mi☆nA’s “Stormy” puts the pair in stylish black wear for this latest PV. Set to a dance beat, the girls’s dance shot frames them in purple lights for a skillfully coordinated affair. Meanwhile, solo shots of Miho …

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New PV Alert: LADYBABY – Misogi island

“Misogi island (禊island)” from LADYBABY’s swan song release REBURN is our last look at the group, and it’s a kick in the seat of the pants. The hard-rock arrangement starts with some good old-fashioned screamo from Emily. The songs proves raw and heavy with the girls singing over the double-kick …

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New PV Alert: Ogura Yui – I.LOVE.YOU!!

The diminutively cute Ogura Yui has an 11th single release just around the corner with the seasonally appropriate title “I.LOVE.YOU!!”. In stylish clothes and an impossible pink trimmed cheer uniform, Yui greets us with a self-penned song that plays to her charms. Late to her self-insert date with the viewer, …

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