Contributor to New School Kaidan, idol fan TheNumber244 gets tickled mainly by Hello! Project. A former musician and full-time nerd, he calls Los Angeles his home. TheNumber244 is waiting for the day someone calls him "senpai".

New PV Alert: Shingeki – Bukiyou HERO

New music from Shingeki makes its way to the New PV Alerts today from Shingeki. “Bokiyou HERO (不器用HERO)” puts the group on a rooftop danceshot with lights frenetically tracing lines from the upstage. A fence makes for a nice backdrop until you see the lights of Tokyo behind the formations. …

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New PV Alert: Higuchi Nazuna (from SUPER☆GiRLS) – Zettai Tokeru Mondai X = ♥ / Egao ni Namida ~THANK YOU! DEAR MY FRIENDS~

Higuchi Nazuna (SUPER☆GiRLS) – Zettai Tokeru Mondai X = ♥ Higuchi Nazuna (SUPER☆GiRLS) – Egao ni Namida ~THANK YOU! DEAR MY FRIENDS~ Higuchi Nazuna’s album cover project of Hello! Project legend Matsuura Aya’s first album its some pretty solid and oft covered material with her release of tracks 4 & …

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New PV Alert: EMPiRE – RiGHT NOW

A new single is about to surface for the avex/WACK project, EMPiRE. On “RiGHT NOW”, the girls look comfident and accomplished, and remarkably “normal” (by WACK standards). In bewitching black dresses, the girls play with fire in a dance shot executed with sparks and flames surrounding them on three sides. …

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New PV Alert: halca – Kimi dake

halca (read: Haruka), the singer responsible for the winsome ending theme to the Wotakoi anime, provides us with a new promotional video from her “white disc +++” mini album. The singer cute’s vocals adorn “Kimi dake” in triplicate as she waits anxiously in a cozy apartment. There’s plenty to love …

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New PV Alert: Perfume – Everyday

Perfume gets my day started today with a new promotional video for the album track “Everyday”. Coming to us from the Perfum The Best “P Cubed” album, the girls float among the clouds on a round stage for a well-choreographed dance shot; that’s not new for the trio. Scenes of …

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New PV Alert: dela – Sukiya no uta

dela gets us started this morning with a new promotional video that has the girls dressed and ready for fast food service. “Sukiya no uta (すき家のうた)” finds the group behind the counter, and in the drive through (for their dance shot) of gyudon purveyors Sukiya. “Sukiya no uta” is actually …

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