Round 2? It’s on! Represent Your Country

So remember last year? That was fun wasn’t it?

One of my biggest regrets was not being able to include everyone who wanted to be a part of it due to time and size limitations. But this time, I think we might just be able to do that.

Kokoro no Placard is a song about “Secrets, Dreams, and Ambitions you’ve kept hidden in your Heart.” They’re all displayed on a sign or “placard.”

So where as KFC was more about dancing, KNP is going to end up more about how creative people can be with their signs. Not even necessarily with what is written on them but where their filming takes place and who or how many people they’re shot with. And of course, feel free to dance too!

As was mentioned before,we want as many people involved as possible and we want to include everyoneIt’s a pretty tall order and for this to be successful, we’ll really need to do some pretty amazing things. We’ll need a lot of help from you guys to contribute and spread the word.

So far,
AKB48 WrapUp has offered to collaborate with us. Thanks to Kevin Mario
(We’re still waiting to hear back from a couple others.)

I stress again, if you submit a video, we will find a way to include it. Granted as long as there’s no sort of legal violation or obscenity.

The thing is though, if we get that many submissions, screen time will be harder to come by and as idol fans, we understand this all too well.

So as a general rule, the better the sign, the better the design, the better the idea, the larger the group, the more screen time you’ll possibly have. It’s all up to your imagination!

As a guideline though, the signs should be large and the font should be bold enough to read at a glance. I’d ask for only for white signs. If someone submits great idea for a colored sign, it’s possible we can include it.

Also, these should be about YOUR dreams and ambitions. Being Idol related is fine but lets try to keep it less about your personal ambitions as an idol fan otherwise everyone would have signs talking about wanting to meet/marry their Oshi. HAHAHA.

I’ve started a pool of ideas below. If you’d like to submit ideas we need all we can get. So use the comments section below.

Ridiculously Extra Large Sign –
Multipart Sign (4 or 5 people connecting to make one larger message)-
Big Mayu Sign –
Brady Bunch Sign Collab –
Ridiculously long sign with many many many words –
Group shot with a ridiculous amount of signs –
A ridiculously tiny sign –


-Signs in different languages are encouraged-

Since the new AKB Single releases in three weeks on August 27th, we will have to set a deadline of August 18th for the submissions. I plan to have the video done by the 20th a full week before the release of the single. I know some of you would prefer a longer deadline, but I personally feel that one of the most important aspects for success of this video is to be able to coincide with the release date. I believe that was one of the reasons why AKS picked up the video last time around, and I’d assume everyone would like to try to repeat that same success.

So there’s the breakdown. Since we’re trying to include everyone in this video I’ve divided up the video into halves. The first half will use the same formula as KFC. This will use sign ups and time stamps. If you’re lucky enough to be quick you will get a focused portion. If possible I’d ask people signing up for these portions to try to recreate the staff version as closely as possibly paying attention to choreography and location. The opening and closing “center” position will be open audition and you are open to submit to them. We will end up picking someone to fill those slots.

0:00-0:24 – Open Audition
0:25-0:29 – Group Shot (Possibly on a roof?)
0:30-0:33 – Trio (Office)
0:34-0:39 – Judit – Solo (With Microphone)
0:40-0:43 – Jaru and Jessa Duo (One Sitting and One Dancing)
0:44-0:48 – Elodie and Liz – Duo (Facing Backwards)
0:49-0:53 – Four People (Waterfront? Sign on Back?)
0:54-0:58 – Ryan – Group (Elevator Room)
0:59-1:02 – Aki-H Group (Everyone Dancing)
1:03-1:06 – Lucas – Group (Sign Up Front With People Dancing in Back)

For those who aren’t able to sign up for a spot or aren’t interested in dancing, the second half of the video is for you. This will be split up further into two types of submissions freestyle type and election type. We just need a 5-10 second clip of you.

For Freestyle type, feel free to submit any type of crazy video you like. Again, we only ask that you try to have a white sign with font bold enough to be legible. In your video you can dance, sing, be running, swimming, cliff diving, whatever. We will find a way to fit your video in with others from the freestyle portion.

For Election type, please have a set up similar to those used for election videos, either sitting or standing with your sign, again with a white sign and legible. We will try to position these videos around each other.

When you are done with your video, please include your First Name, Location and Country, as well as any translations (For signs done in different languages).  Please send them to

We will update your name in this post to confirmed that we have received your submission and contact you if there are any problems.

Thank you for your interest in this project and we excitedly await your submissions.

Total Submissions: 25

Countries Represented: 14
Indonesia: 05
USA: 03
Brazil: 02
Singapore: 02
Germany: 02
Malaysia: 02
Sudan: 01
Spain: 02
England: 01
Philippines: 01
Finland: 01
Hong Kong: 01
Netherlands: 01
Chile: 01

Thank you!!!

Christian – Germany
Dimas – Indonesia
Franklin – San Diego, USA
Dia – Sudan
Firdaus – Indonesia
Diego – Brazil
Sam – San Leandro, CA
Jasmine & Edmund – Singapore
Igo – Indonesia
Mich – Indonesia
Noelia – Spain
Oliver – England
Jika & Jaki – Philippines
Tutu – Finland
Lucas – Brazil
Shaun – Malaysia
Jing – Singapore
Wayne – Hong Kong
Ronja – Germany
Phillip – Malaysia
Wembris – Indonesia
Bobby – The Netherlands
Judit – Spain
Katherine – Cedar Rapids
Fabi – Chile

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