AnisonUSA VIP Party

Desperate to leave some kind of mark on the website outside of looking at cute idol photobooks, I decided to clear up some space in my calendar to help cover AnisonUSA, an event boasting to be the first of its kind in America focused on showcasing “Anison” a somewhat confusing genre of music including  anime, video game, and tokusatsu music. The event itself was held on February 20-21st, with the first date being a VIP Party.  Meant as a preview for the actual event on the 21st, the VIP Party was held at Desu-Nation, an anime collectibles store in Temple City, CA, and provided guests with opportunities to interact with the various performers in attendance.

Personally, while I found most of the performances fun, even for someone who doesn’t really follow “Anison,” the event itself felt somewhat disjointed and disorganized. While they deserve some props for managing to stay on schedule (a near impossibility for most of the small conventions/events I’ve attended), from an attendee standpoint the lack of staffing, or anyone who seemed to know what was going on for that matter, definitely became evident. On top of the somewhat random choices in programming (I mean c’mon, Jenga?) the emcees themselves seemed to not really know how they wanted the event to operate.  That being said, the event itself was competitively priced at $25 for both days if purchased online and was able to provide its attendees with a unique VIP experience that definitely increased hype for the main event.

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