Angel in My Dreams

It’s been going on nearly three weeks now. Those Eyes. That Smile. Those pronounced front teeth. That one dimple. There’s something about them that’s been etched into my memory.

It all started when Dae referred me to an episode of AKBingo, where the program showed up to a contest winner’s house to present him with his prize, A New Suit made by the company AKB was promoting for at the time. The suit was to be presented to him as a graduation present by his favorite member Ota Aika, someone I had seen before but never took interest in.

Before he came home from school, they wandered around his room a bit. He had a calendar with her on it, as well as a poster and other merchandise. I felt it would be a little creepy for her in that situation, being in a guys room with her likeness on the walls, but I guess that’s common place when you’re a Idol.

Their plan was to have her hide in a delivery box until he returned and unknowingly opened it with her inside. All of those events occurred and I found them to be a little underwhelming. She didn’t bother to jump out and scare him. She calmly said hello. And still his reaction wasn’t nearly as surprised as I would have expected from someone in that situation. Here was his favorite Idol in his room and he looked like maybe his teacher just told him there was a pop quiz today.

Maybe it was from the shock that he tensed up and stood there like a frozen meat popsicle, but it was after that when I witnessed a scene that would forever be linked with this girl, Ota Aika.

Before I explain this scene, I’ll say that later in the day the idol and the fan played a prank on his friends, showing up at karaoke pretending they were dating. That situation while extremely unique, pales in comparison to the event echoing in my memory.

So going back to the scene, the fan had received his new suit. After he was told to change, the camera cut to him coming out in his new Aoki suit looking very dapper and in graduating form. But something was missing from his new look. He was tie-less.

After that, my life would be forever changed. The image of a girl helping a boy put on his tie for graduation makes me realize it really is the small things in life that make it great. And since that day, my life had forever been changed. Ota Aika is an Angel. The more I see of her, the more that image is solidified. Just look at the video above.


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