An interview with J-pop solo artist Osanai Eri at Japan Expo LA 2015

Osanai Eri interview at Japan Expo LA 2015With an indie debut at the age of nineteen, Osanai Eri brings a pure, 80s influenced voice to an idol dominated list of guests at Japan Expo 2015. Accompanied by one of her song writers, Torii Shun, Osanai Eri was able to give fans an intimate experience as they got to converse with her about her music as well as take photos with her.

Please introduce yourself.

Osanai: (English) Hello, my name is Eri Osanai. Nice to meet you.

What kind of music do you sing?

Osanai: Japanese pop. J-pop. Happy music.

Why did you want to become a singer? Why do you like singing?

I want to see everyone’s smile. Smile!

What is your goal as a singer?

[To perform at] Budokan and Kouhaku.

What music do you like?

All genres but R&B [specifically].

What new genre would you like to try singing?

Hmm, jazz!

Osanai Eri interview at Japan Expo LA 2015What’s something about you that you find interesting?

I often forget things. I don’t know directions. I’m a little clumsy.

What part of Japan are you from?


So have you been to Tokyo Tower?

Yes. Once. Heights are scary. Jet coasters are a no too.

How were you able to fly to Los Angeles if you are terrified of heights?

(English) No sleeping. Watching TV, movies. (Japanese) I didn’t sleep. I wasn’t able to.

Osanai Eri interview at Japan Expo LA 2015

What are your feelings after performing in Los Angeles?

Even if it’s just a little bit, I thought it would be nice to have people in L.A. to listen to my singing!

Do you have any last words to your fans?

It was fun! Thank you! (English) Thank you! Very very very happy!

Osanai Eri interview at Japan Expo LA 2015

Take a listen to one of the songs she performed at Japan Expo 2015 Los Angeles!

Osanai Eri has also covered songs from TOKIO, ONE OK ROCK, SMAP, and more in the past. Check her covers out in the Youtube channel!


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Interview by Serrina Lam.

Photography by David Chang.

Interview edit by Garry Mackenzie.

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