AKS Worth Watching, July 11th

AKS Worth Watching, July 11th

A lot of new shows started this week, so lets see what’s worth checking out in the world of 48 Group variety TV!

140705 HKT48 no Goboten ep07
140705 HKT48 no Goboten ep07 – OK now they’re stretching it. This week Fuchigami Mai and Murashige Anna visit…A HANGER FACTORY. Yes, that’s right. They look at hangers and answer hanger-related trivia questions.

Hang me please.

140706 Nogizaka46 - Nogizakatte Doko ep141
140706 Nogizaka46 – Nogizakatte Doko ep141 – A new single is out, which means it’s TIME TO DO CRAZY SHIT TO PROMOTE IT! What are they gonna do this time? Climb on top of a 120m tall Buddha statue of course!

Making idols face their fears! Danger, adventure, toe-cleaning, this episode has it all!

140706 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 15 ep11 (final)
140706 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 15 ep11 (final) – The season finale of Nemousu is allll about Muto Tomu, working on being a weather girl.

Unless you’re a fan of Tomu, save yourself some time and skip Nemousu this week.

140707 Tentoumu-Chu! no Sekai o Muchu ni Sasemasu Sengen! ep12 (final)
140707 Tentoumu-Chu! no Sekai o Muchu ni Sasemasu Sengen! ep12 (final) – The final episode, oh no! The girls run a marathon, relay-style and along the way run into some old friends.

Rating: rating-three
I’m really sad to see this show end, its been the highlight of my week for the last few months. Not the strongest episode to go out on, but still a fun one overall.

140708 AKBINGO! ep296
140708 AKBINGO! ep296 – FASHION CHECK TIME! My favorite AKBingo segment, where the girls pick out their own outfits to match a theme and are judged accordingly.

Rating: rating-four
Seeing the girls’ personal fashion is always enjoyable to me. Though I almost never agree with the judge.

140709 HKT48 no Odekake! ep75
140709 HKT48 no Odekake! ep75 – We’re back to the farm! A few members take a ride around on a horse while the rest teach some older folks how to milk cows.

Rating: rating-two
Other than one or two funny moments, not a whole lot of interesting things going on. Check it out if you’re an HKT fan though.

140708 AKB de Arubaito ep02
140708 AKB de Arubaito ep02 – This week, Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki are still recruiting girls about town to help them out. This time however, they sneak into a school where Mayu needs to pick a girl without anyone else noticing and Mayu has one of her great variety moments.

Rating: rating-four
The classroom segment alone is worth tuning in for. I’m not even a big Mayu fan, but I loved her here. Yukirin’s reactions are in top-form too.

140708 French Kiss no Kiss-tabi ep02
140708 French Kiss no Kiss-tabi ep02 – Takajo Aki, Kashiwagi Yuki and Kuramochi Asuka continue their adventures in Singapore by visiting the zoo, eating delicious food and messing around in a boat.

Rating: rating-three
Not quite as good as last week’s episode, but still enjoyable. I think the best way to describe it is “pleasant.”

140704 SNHello EP01
140704 SNHello EP01 – So, I don’t really know anything about SNH48, but when I heard they were getting an AKBingo-inspired variety show called SNHello I had to check it out. In this first episode, the girls duel dressed up like giant cakes trying to push each other off a platform, and the loser has to suffer a penalty game. There’s also a segment where they surprise some members while they’re sleeping.

Rating: rating-three
Don’t expect really high production values here…but if you wanna check out something new, you can’t go wrong giving this a look. And of course, if you’re an SNH fan, you’ll want to watch this for sure.

(NMB48) NMB no Meccha Baito ep01 140708
NMB no Meccha Baito ep01 140708 – NMB48 now has their own part-time job show starting this week! Takano Yui, Yamada Nana and Kawakami Rena work in a bathhouse…and scrub the backs of old naked dudes.

Rating: rating-three
Really unexpected that they have idols hanging around a bunch of naked men and being quite close to them. That alone makes it interesting enough to check out.

140704 HKT Shakariki 48 ep01
140704 HKT Shakariki 48 ep01 – Meanwhile in Hakata, HKT48’s part-time job show begins. Our first worker is Miyawaki Sakura, and she’s sent to a ramen shop to work her first-ever real part-time job.

Rating: rating-four
Watching idols thrown into unfamiliar situations is always entertaining for me, and seeing Sakura handle her first job is pretty fun.

140705 AKB48 SHOW! ep35
140705 AKB48 SHOW! ep35 – This week is part 1 of an A-Z documentary. Go behind the scenes of events from the past year as they cover a different topic for each letter of the alphabet.

Rating: rating-three
Most likely unused footage from the recently released documentary, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

What shows did you enjoy this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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