AKBizarre Fashion Show.

It seems that Sakura no Ki ni Narou is going to be a more interesting collection of songs and videos than I anticipated. It’s got an eclectic group of songs, even more eclectic PVs, and now I’m finding that there’s another video being coupled with the release as a mock fashion show; and I have to say, it took me by surprise.

BIZARRE. It’s narrated in english by a male announcer who actually sounds fluent, but some of the things that get lost in translation are hilarious. The delivery of some lines are so deadpan and funny that I ended up watching it way too many times than I should. It serves absolutely no purpose, but I love it for all its weirdness. It perfectly compliments the similarly offbeat b-side by MINT.

This has got to be the most diverse(and strange) single release I’ve seen from AKB.


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