AKB, SKE, and NMB Trivia for All!

NSK’s newest addition, Yoshi, was inspired by Sashihara’s challenge of making 100 blog posts in 24 hours, and wanted to do something similar. He announced on twitter that he would tweet a hundred times within 24 hours about idol related material(ended up with a hundred and one).

What happened was an impressive amassing of interesting trivia facts about members from AKB, SKE, and NMB. Soon after he successfully completed his challenge, I decided to record them into a post because there are several gems here worth reading if you missed them. Who went to middle school with whom? Who had mold grow on her pillow? Who was previously in a rock band? All kinds of fun facts and outbursts chronicling Anthony’s 101 tweets right after the jump!



1. Sashihara commented on a “cute” HKT girl’s post. She claims to have used formal speech to not creep her out. Sashihara 1 Everyone 0.

2. Tsuzuki Rika from SKE48 is has Sashihara Rino has her background on her phone.

3. Hiramatsu Kanako has really stretchy cheeks.

4. No3b’s new single coming soon. Here’s something on Takamina. The person who gave her the nickname ‘Takamina’ is Oshima Mai.

5. Kojima Haruna is the only member in AKB48 to be in senbatsu for every single.

6. Minegishi Minami likes Morning Musume. Her Oshimen is Goto Maki.

7. Takamina’s AKB48 family would include:
Dad-Akimoto Sayaka
Mom-Shinoda Mariko
Older Brother-Miyazawa Sae
Older Sister-Kojima Haruna
Lil Bro-Oya Shizuka
Lil Sis-Minegishi Minami

8. Kojima Haruna’s favorite AKB48 song is “Yuuhi wo Miteiruka”.

9. Minegishi’s AKB oshimen is Maeda Atsuko.

10. Takamina likes Minegishi’s cheeks. She claims that Kojima’s cheeks are 100 times harder than Minegishi’s and doesn’t like them.

11. Here are some info on Double Matsui. Matsui Jurina would want to be in Team K if she were in AKB48.

12. Matsui Rena’s AKB48 family would include:
Dad-Akimoto Sayaka
Mom-Katayama Haruka
Older Sis-Miyazwa Sae/Oshima Yuko
Little Sis-Komori Mika
Older Bro-Sashihara Rino

13. Jurina likes AAA, Gackt, and Amuro Namie.

14. Rena has a melon pan alliance with Shimazaki Haruka. Ichikawa Miori, Fukumoto Aina and Isohara Kyoka later join the alliance.

15. Jurina’s favorite mangas include Naruto and Bleach.

16. Abiru Riho’s oshimen is Ishida Anna.

17. Ishida Anna goes to an all girls school.

18. Kato Rumi is the vice-captain of Kuwabara Mizuki’s “Kuwabara Unit” (Wakabayashi Tomoka, Mano Haruka, and Isohara Kyoka make up the other members)

19. Kinoshita Yukiko has a black belt in karate.

20. Ogiso Shiori’s face from her hairline to chin is only 16 centimeters long.

21. It took Yagami Kumi some time to remember Ogiso Shiori’s name.

22. Takajo Aki gave Nakagawa Haruka a new nick name. It is, “Gonsuke”.

23. I’m really liking Takahashi Juri. I want to see more of her.

24. Oba Mina claims that when you call Ichikawa Miori at night, she sounds like an old man.

25. Ichikawa Miori and Takeuchi Miyu have known each other since elementary school.

26. Nakatsuka Tomomi says that she can’t converse with Ichikawa Miori because Miori’s response to everything Nakatsuka says is “wow~”

27. Ichikawa Miori’s favorite idol is Michishige Sayumi.

28. Shimada Haruka’s nickname “Haruu” was given to her by Miyazawa Sae, Ono Erena, and Chikano Rina.


30. Shimada Haruka studied abroad in Canada during her second year in middle school.

31. Shimada Haruka’s oshimen used to be Kojima Haruna. It is now Miyazawa Sae. The change happened after she met Miyazawa Sae.

32. Matsui Rena once mistook Shimada Haruka for Shimazaki Haruka. Rena wanted talk to Haruka about melon pan.

33. Shimada Haruka is a perfectionist. Very strong-willed. Kuramochi calls Shimada the second coming of Uchida Mayumi.

34. Shimada Haruka likes Yajima Maimi(C-ute) and Takahashi Ai(Morning Musume).

35. Kobayashi Kana caricature from her blog.

36. Kuwabara Mizuki calls Oya Masana, “Praying Mantis”

37. Oya Masana tries to have no make up on as much as possible because she has sensitive skin.

38. Fans have asked Ono Haruka to slap them at hand shaking events (Hiramatsu claims that all of Ono’s fans are masochists that want to be beat by Ono).

39. Ono Haruka went to the same middle school as Sashihara Rino. Ono was in the same class as Sashihara’s older brother.

40. Ono Haruka is as sadist as she looks LOL

41. Kizaki Yuria’s oshimen is Hiramatsu Kanako in SKE48 and Watanabe Mayu in AKB48.

42. Kizaki Yuria’s “girlfriend” is Mukaida Manatsu.

43. Kizaki Yuria learned self-defense from her father.

44. Kizaki Yuria’s ideal man is a tsundere.

45. Suda Akari admires idols that hold their mic with their pinky finger sticking out. Suda sticks her index finger out.

46. Hiramatsu Kanako and Deguchi Aki are in a “relationship”.

47. Yuasa Hiroshi, the manager of the SKE48 theater, says that Yagami Kumi is the best dancer in SKE48.

48.Yagami Kumi is friends with Fujie Reina and Nakagawa Haruka from AKB48.

49. Yagami Kumi could not tell the difference between Kizaki Yuria and Ueno Kasumi.

50. Yagami Kumi likes the animes, K-ON, Suzumiya Haruhi, Vampire Knight, Bleach, One Piece, Gintama, Toradora, Lucky Star.

51. Yagami Kumi had mold grow on her pillow because she would fall asleep without drying her hair.

52. Yagami Kumi’s mother wanted to sign her up for gymnastics or ballet but mistakenly signed her up for hip hop dance.

53. Ogasawara Mayu sweats a lot. She loses her bangs when she performs so she uses a dryer to dry her hair. Ogasawara then gets shocked when she plugs the dryer in because her hands are wet from the sweat.

54. Ogasawara Mayu went to Watanabe Mayu’s hand shaking event and told her that she was a fan of the K-ON anime.

55. If Ogasawara were to date someone in NMB, she’d date Jounishi Kei. Reasons: kind, calm vibe, looks like she can cook.

56. Kinoshita Haruna is nicknamed “Egg” by Shiroma Miru because of the shape of her head.

57. Fukumoto Aina calls Kinoshita Haruna, “Falcon” because she looks strong.

58. Kinoshita Haruna likes jigsaw puzzles but her older sister puts them together for her.

59. Comedian, Tamura Kenji states that his oshimen is Kondo Rina because she’s perfect for comedy.

60. Kondo Rina is very forgetful. She forgot to wear gloves during a stage performance. She left the stage to retrieve it. The reason she gave for leaving the stage was, “my eyes hurt so I’m going to wash it out”. She was scolded a lot for this stunt.

61. Fukumoto Aina’s “hadouhou” self-introduction is from Space Battleship Yamato. Yamato is another word for Nara which is where Fukumoto is from.

62. Fukumoto Aina plans on getting a driver’s license but is too busy to get one. She says she will stick to “air-driving” for now

63. Jounishi Kei is known as the odd one. She takes pictures of insects, does impressions of baby dinosaurs, etc.

64. Contrary to Ogasawara Mayu, Jounishi Kei does not sweat a lot.

65. Members refer to Jounishi Kei as a DD.

66. Yamada Nana gets quite a large amount of fan mail from girls.

67. Yamada Nana has a large forehead.

68. Yamada Nana is against the idea of becoming the “sexy one” in NMB.

69. According to the members, Yamada has the dirtiest locker in the group. It contains week old lunches and worn socks.

70. Yamada Nana likes to listen to break up songs and cry to it.

71. Yamamoto Sayaka was school president in her second year of high school.

72. Yamamoto Sayaka was part of a band called, “MAD CATZ”

73. Watanabe Miyuki likens Yamamoto Sayaka to a leopard because of her facial features and her personality is sharp.

74. Yamamoto Sayaka does 100 sit ups a day.

75. Yamamoto Sayaka is a vegetarian.

76. Yamamoto Sayaka’s favorite person in history is Akechi Hidemitsu and in terms of world history, Horatio Nelson.

77. Yamamoto Sayaka prefers futons over beds.

78. Watanabe Miyuki calls herself “Miyu” at home.

79. Watanabe Miyuki formed a group called, “Naraas” with Fukumoto Aina because they are both from Nara.

80. Watanabe Miyuki is friends with Kashiwagi Yuki.

81. Watanabe Miyuki says that Ichikawa Miori is so cute that she wants to take her home.

82. Watanabe Miyuki took calligraphy lessons for 6 years

83. Watanabe Miyuki says that her left eye is bigger than her right eye.

84. Kinoshita Momoka has an extremely popular blog due to its crazy content.

85. Kinoshita Momoka spends her days off in the 2-D world.

86. Kinoshita Momoka’s ideal life-style is shut-in.

87. Kinoshita Momoka hates idols but is an idol.

88. Jo Eriko may be the dumb one but is a club president and a class representative at school.

89. Jo Eriko has been practicing kendo since second grade and even went to Budokan.

90. Takayanagi Akane trades Tweety Bird goods with Fujie Reina whenever they see each other.

91. If an earthquake hits, the first thing Takayanagi does is go save her birds.

92. Takayanagi Akane threw out the first pitch at a baseball game but unfortunately could not reach the catcher. She went home and cried.

93. Takayanagi Akane claims to be the biggest pokemon fan but ironically her favorite pokemon is not a bird pokemon but Chandelure.

94. Furukawa Airi and Matsui Rena have a voice ring tone of each other. Other SKE members find this very creepy.

95. Furukawa Airi draws pictures of the members for their birthday.

96. Kimoto Kanon is friends with Maeshima Ami from idol group SUPERGIRLS.

97. Maeda Atsuko and Nakaya Sayaka went to the same middle school

98. Maeda Atsuko and Nakagawa Haruka went to the same high school and walked to school together.

99. Kashiwagi Yuki relieves her stress by yelling into her pillow.

100. Uchida Mayumi is a practitioner of Kyokushin Karate. Her best move is the roundhouse kick and her favorite is the axe kick.

101. Sashihara aspired to be a model and had 159cm listed for her height but she’s actually only 157cm. Sashihara did not think the official site would list her height.

That’s all! Hope you were able to learn a few new things from Anthony’s tweeting marathon. He often tweets interesting things he reads from Google+ and other sources that many of us non-moonspeakers can’t get otherwise, so you can follow him here. Who knows, maybe he’ll do another twitter special sometime in the future!

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