A chance to live the Idol life thru DLJ

Have you ever wanted to go to Japan and meet Idols?


Well unfortunately I can’t really help you there. I know how difficult it can be so I really hope you can one day save up the money, get time off work, or overcome any anxieties to travel to Japan to meet your favorite Idol.

But as a consolation, I’m going to try out an idea I had. I’m running out of ideas for poses with Idols. So here’s your chance to suggest a pose or theme, and when I go to take chekis, I’ll use your ideas.

That way, you’ll partially have been in Japan!

Again, this is an experiment, so dunno how it’s going to go.

So to organize it, I’ll have three separate sections.

For Pose Only you just suggest a pose, the ones that I like and are unique, I’ll use and give you credit for. I’ll pick the Idol dependent on whats available.

For Member Select, There is a list of groups that I will for sure see before I leave Japan. You can pick a member from those groups and I will use your specific pose suggestion when I go meet that member.

Groups Currently Are: (possibly add more later)
FESTIVE, Baseball Girls, Kamiyado, El Float, Tokyo Clear’s, and READY TO KISS.

For Grab Bag, Pick any Idol from any Group, and if I have time to see them, I’ll go for you. Sorry, but no guarantees.

So how do you enter your suggestion?

Leave a comment below and make sure to specify which Category you’re applying for.

Pose Only
Member Select
Grab Bag


From March 3rd

Pose: cam-dab

Suggested By: @atr0n

With: Sakura Yuki of Alice Juban

Pose: KFC Onigiri Pose

Suggested By: @wota4life

With: Sakamoto Mana of Steamgirls

From March 2nd and 1st

Pose: honami-pose

Suggested By: @speedopuncha

With: Yokoi Honami of FESTIVE

Pose: Something Adorable

Suggested By: @chiimaMusume

With: Shiozaki Reia of FESTIVE

Pose: daniel-bryan

Suggested By: @yoshirekt

With: Aoba Hinari of FESTIVE

Pose: Squatting Yankee

Suggested By: @Cheeto5000

With: Riyo of London Blue

From February 29 and March 1


Pose: Hands Clasped under Chin

Suggested By: @ChiimaMusume

With: Kanako of Tokyo Clear’s


Pose: swoletakue pose 2

Suggested By: @swoletaku

With: Rurika of Musubizm

From February 28 – Lolisyn’s Last Live Graduation

Back to Back Buddy Cop with Guns

Suggested by: @cheeto5000

With: Halu of Lolisyn

swoletaku pose

Suggested by: @swoletaku

With: Halu of Lolisyn

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