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New PV Alert: X21 – Destiny

In the promotional video for their sixth single, X21 take some time to give their girls a spotlight. The idol pop song contains a few rock arrangement carryovers, but the bright melody and horn flourishes keep “Destiny” firmly in the pop category. In short, frilly, powder blue dresses the girls …

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X21 – Destiny (12th Single)

For the first single in about half a year, X21 is a life-sized line of sight, a super catch to cheer for those who are trying hard while being socialized, positive age aged supplements number! Phrases that you want to think unwillingly are addicting! 約半年ぶりの最新シングルは、X21が等身大目線で、社会にもまれながらも頑張っている人を応援する スーパーキャッチで、ポジティヴなアゲアゲサプリメントナンバー! 思わず口ずさみたくなるフレーズは病みつき! [note: translation via …

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X21 – Friday Night Party (11th Single)

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The 11th single release from X21. CD + VR / CD + DVD Versions CD Track List 01 Friday Night Party 02 Call me 03 Friday Night Party Instrumental 04 Call me Instrumental Type B DVD Track List 01 Friday Night Party MUSIC VIDEO 02 Friday Night Party MUSIC VIDEO …

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X21 – Genjitsu Kara Nigeru Kara Genjitsu ga Tsurainda (10th Single)

CD Track List 1. 現実から逃げるから現実がツラいんだ 2. アサガオ (CD + DVD) 2. 君と僕の夏 (CD + VR, Single Maxi) 3. 現実から逃げるから現実がツラいんだ (Instrumental) (CD + DVD, CD + VR) 3. アサガオ 4. アサガオ (Instrumental) (CD + DVD) 4. 君と僕の夏 (Instrumental) (CD + VR) 4. 現実から逃げるから現実がツラいんだ (Instrumental) (Single, Maxi) 5. 君と僕の夏 (Instrumental) (Single, Maxi) …

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New PV Alert: X21 – Beautiful X

Ahead of their 2nd album, X21 release the promotional video for “Beautiful X”. The PV completely envelopes the girls in a white cyc (that white stage with no corners), where the girls either perform their choreography or mug lovingly for the rotating camera. The sense of perspective slowly fades as …

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X21 – Beautiful X (2nd Album)

Buy X21’s “Beautiful X”! VR Version | CDJapan | YesAsia CD + Blu-ray | CDJapan | YesAsia ~theNumber244~ Regular | CDJapan | YesAsia Note: This site participates in the associates and the cdjapan affiliates programs, a program with hundreds of thousands of members to promote sales …

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