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Tokyo Girls’ Style – Hikaru yo / Reborn (26th Single)

SHINY J-POP !!! works that can not be blinked on the theme of “Tokyo Girls Stream Do not Look” (C) RS “見ちゃいけない東京女子流”をテーマに、瞬きできないSHINY J-POP!!!な作品! (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track List 1. 光るよ 2. Reborn 3. 光るよ More Guitar Mix DVD Track List 1. 光るよ …

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Tokyo Girls’ Style – Last Romance (24th Single)

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Last Romance [CD + DVD] / Tokyo Girls’ Style Tokyo Girls’ Style 24th Single! Renewal The first single is a “last romance” where you win with new creative teams. Spring sleeping attention as singer-songwriter participates in production. Arrangements are also supported by young people, Lucky Kilimanjaro, as a city pop …

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