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New PV Alert: Sakura Ebis – 214

“214”, the new promotional video from Sakura Ebis takes a cinematic view of their recent (and first) overseas trip to Taiwan. Sweeping camera views of high rises and verdant green hills start off the PV before we see shots of the girls in regular clothes out and about the city. …

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New PV Alert: Sakura Ebis – Onegai yo

New digital offerings from Sakura Ebis hit the airwaves recently with the release of “Onegai yo”. The clapboard claps, and we’re off with another great pop arrangement with a live band sound. Sakura Ebis gather about a dinner table for some daydreaming. Scooping food into their mouths, the girls look …

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New PV Alert: Momoiro Clover Z – stay gold

It’s a topsy turvy world for Momoiro Clover’s 11th anniversary release “stay gold”, their 20th single overall. Decidedly more mature, the promotional video places the girls in a reality where gravity works both ways like your favorite MC, MC Escher. Double-timed drums blast their way through the arrangement that keeps …

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