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Morning Musume ’19 – Best! Morning Musume 20th Anniversary (Best Album)

Morning Musume. The best album release of the 20th anniversary of birth! Includes the first single from “Mikan”, the 66th single “Furari Ginza / Free Country”, and more! New songs “I surrender loved and loved” “I want to love you” 2 CDs of 2 songs recorded! (C) RS モーニング娘。誕生20周年記念のベストアルバムリリース!35thシングル「みかん」から66枚目となるシングル「フラリ銀座/自由な国だから」までを収録!さらに新曲「I surrender …

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Oomori Seiko – Zettai Kanojo feat. Michishige Sayumi (Morning Musume) (8th Single)

Seiko Oomori 8th single release decided for the 5th anniversary of major debut! Recording of masterpiece “Zetai Kanojo” in the past year, movie theme songs, and popular songplaying song “VOID” band arrangement on tours are included. 大森靖子 メジャーデビュー5周年を飾る8thシングルリリース決定! 往年の名曲「絶対彼女」のリアレンジ、映画主題歌、ツアーで大好評の弾き語り楽曲「VOID」バンドアレンジを収録。 [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track …

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Iikubo Haruna graduates from Morning Musume ’18

Morning Musume '18 profile image

Iikubo Haruna (24), the subleader of Morning Musume ’18, announced her graduation from both her group and Hello! Project early this morning. Translated statements state that Harunan will continue in the entertainment industries, although specific plans were not discussed. Haruna will continue with Morning Musume ’18 and Hello! Project until …

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