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Yui ga Dockson – Like a virgin (1st single)

WACK belonging artist “GANG PARADE” member, “Yui Ga Dokseon” Released 1st single “Like a virgin” from our label ! Shibuya center town Jack and sushi chain store “Sushi Zamai” with collaboration campaign Other, such as holding one-man live at Tokyo · Zepp DiverCity on April 17, 2018, Breakthrough momentum GANG …

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Devil ANTHEM – Like a nettaiya (5th Single)

Devil ANTHEM. profile image

Already have one-man live success many times, and have a reputation for live performances Devil anthem got a hard idea based on EDM’s derived genre “hard style” While developing the sound on the ground it is enjoyable to develop “live” live stage. This work includes 3 songs such as “Like …

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