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New PV Alert: 963 – GAME

963, the idol rap duo from Fukuoka, come at us with a new promotional video for their song “GAME”. Like some of the best PVs, the video footage consists of nothing more than the girls out and about in their home town. We get a good look at apartments, a …

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963 (kurumi) – Hoshi no Furumachi (New Single)

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Description “Hoshino Furumachi” was covered by Fukuoka Idol 963 (Kurumi) through the sensibility of being a high school girl. JAZZY A masterpiece with a melancholic poem on a track that shakes your heart. The lyrics are VELENTino, the composition is TENGAL6, The JAZZY HIPHOP world, which has produced and produced …

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Last Idol – Otona Survivor (6th Single)

Description Last idol 6th single “adult survivor” 4/17 release decision! The title song is a joint program of 52 members in total linked to the “walking art” element that members challenge in the program “Last Idol” being broadcast on TV Asahi from January 2019! Since the 5th single “No Love …

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Last Idol – Ai shika buki ga nai (5th Single)

“Last idol” from April 2018 5th single by the 12th second-generation student who won the standing position battle newly started in the third season! The title song “Love only weapons” is the lyrics: Yukasa Akimoto , Composition: Bug Bear (欅 坂 46 “Silent Majority” “Discord”), Arrangement: Makoto Wakabe (“Band Wagon” …

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Last Idol – Everything will be all right! (4th Single)

Last Idol brings the fourth single. Features Yasushi Akimoto, Tsunku, Rino Sashihara and more as producers. The fourth track corresponding to all the editions are different from each other. 秋元康プロデュースの究極のアイドルプロジェクト”ラストアイドル”、4thシングルは1期生22名による、プロデューサーバトル第2弾シングル! abemaTVで毎週日曜19:00より絶賛生放送中のプロデューサーバトルを勝ち抜いたユニットが表題曲を獲得する! 今回のプロデューサーは前回から引き続き参加の秋元康/つんく♂/指原莉乃に加え、今回からなんと後藤次利と近田春夫が参加!! 4曲目は、各タイプで異なる曲を収録。 [note: translation via Google Translate] CD Track List Everything will be all right / LaLuce Itsuka Kiss …

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