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Jyu Jyu – Jyu Jyu (Mini Album)

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Jyuu Release for the first time with four people! Mini album released! Includes 6 songs including sound source that reprinted his own representative song “Spell” in the present regime. [note: translation via Google Translate] CD Track List M1.呪呪 M2.蜘蛛の糸 M3.35席 M4.ゆらりゆらり M5.die生キル M6.ゆらりゆらり DJ REMIX     More JYU JYU …

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New PV Alert: Jyu Jyu – Kuro Ito

The group that creeped me out with its series of first person murders comes back with a haunted mansion of a promotional video. With blacks and frills, Jyu Jyu present a more conventional promotional video that still retains the macabre that I’ve grown to love. Mirrors are possessed, picture frames …

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Jyu Jyu – Kuro Ito (NEW SINGLE)

Buy Jyu Jyu’s “Kuro Ito”! ~theNumber244~ TypeA | CDJapan | YesAsia CD Track List 黒糸 怨返し 黒糸DJ REMIX Note: This site participates in the associates and the cdjapan affiliates programs, a program with hundreds of thousands of members to promote sales on the Internet . Using the links …

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Jyujyu – Hi Jitsuzai Sei Shojo (7th Single)

Description The four-man idol unit “Juju” from the idol label “Box Records” It is decided to release the single “Non-existent Holy Girl” on August 6 (Tuesday)! Juju started operations on March 29, 2014, with the concept of the deep keyword “curse”. It expresses the absurdity of the world, jealousy, jealousy, …

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Chu☆Oh!Dolly – 3 Kai Kimi no Namae wo Jyumon no Yoni Tonaetara… (3rd Single)

Japan a first “road” concept idol unit! Japan’s first “road” concept idol unit! It is the memorial single of the whole body of “Chu-ryori” who heads the 3rd anniversary of the formation! It’s a little weak “Emo”, an anthem of an idol song without a mistake! (C) RS アイドル界のセンター目指して時速5kmで走行中!わちゃわちゃ元気な、秋葉原発!日本初の“道路”コンセプトアイドルユニット!結成3周年をむかえる“ちゅーどり”の渾身の記念シングル!ちょっぴり切なくて“エモ”い、アイドルソングのアンセム間違いなしの一曲! (C)RS …

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New PV Alert: JyuJyu – 35 seki

JyuJyu return with more support for their self-titled mini album. “35 seki” presents a spook of a story with the girls bullying an unfortunate classmate to the point of suicide. Macabre, yes. But, the restless soul gets her revenge dispatching the members of JyuJyu one by one until they are …

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