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CYNHN – Kuuki to ink / wire (5th Single)

Description Blue unfinished vocal unit, both A-side 5th singles of CYNHN. Currently, CYNHN has a “main vocal system” in which each member plays a main vocal, and has released music in the same style until now. “Air and ink” of this work, “wire” become both A side single that Sakuraisaka …

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Moso Calibration – Bakuage↑Banzai!! (6th Single)

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The last single of the Moso Calibration, which is the sixth total in total. (C) RS 通算6枚目となる、妄想キャリブレーションのラストシングル。 (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track List 1. 爆アゲ↑バンザイ!! 2. 帰り道 3. 爆アゲ↑バンザイ!! -Instrumental- 4. 帰り道 -Instrumental- 5. 悲しみキャリブレーション -Live ver.- DVD Track List 1. 爆アゲ↑バンザイ!! (Music …

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New PV Alert: ENGAG.ING – Koi saki hanabi

Dear Stage promotional videos don’t seem to be getting through here, so I’m making an effort here with ENGAG.ING. The five piece unit released their second single “Koi saki hanabi” on June 30, and here is their temple-centric PV. The girls split their time between color-keyed performance outfits and traditional …

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