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963 (kurumi) – Hoshi no Furumachi (New Single)

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Description “Hoshino Furumachi” was covered by Fukuoka Idol 963 (Kurumi) through the sensibility of being a high school girl. JAZZY A masterpiece with a melancholic poem on a track that shakes your heart. The lyrics are VELENTino, the composition is TENGAL6, The JAZZY HIPHOP world, which has produced and produced …

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From Asobi System and the latest fashion mags comes this promotional video from model turned singer MANON. The “GOMENNE GIRL” from French/Japanese girl’s 2018 debut plays with whimsical low-fi keyboard sounds that probably sampled my Casio Keyboard from 1988. MANON’s vocals are whispy in a way that invites fantasy and …

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MANON – Teenage Diary (1st Album)

A visual image with edges that pops out of the fashion show, unique to her acting as a model. Up to this point, even before the release of the CD, it was booked one after another to a culture-oriented music event such as “Shibukaru Festival.” And “SYNCHRONICITY ’18” “MOSHI MOSHI …

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Japanmyu (4th Album)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s original 4th album “Shabyumyu” for the first time in 4 years finally released. Produced by Nakata Yasutaka in full length. Ten songs full of popular songs and new songs such as “the most & high”, “Harajuku Noiya”, “Kimi no Makata”, the cover of CAPSULE’s “Koibuna” released in …

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