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Batten Showjo Tai – BGM (2nd Album)

Description Batten Showjo Tai brings the second album featuring “Killer Killer Smile,” “MEGRRY GO ROUND,” “Muteki no Venus,” “BDM,” “6STARS” and more! Comes with a bonus Blu-ray featuring their one-man concert held at Culttz Kawasaki in 2018 and an instrumental CD. Also includes an event ticket (valid only in Japan). …

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Batten Showjo Tai – BDM (6th Single)

“Stardust Promotion a set of extravagents in 100 years” and shows a clear determination towards shining as an idol in their style, not only in Fukuoka but also in Kyushu as a whole and a group that excites throughout the country Aims to be the 6th single of a little …

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Batten Showjo Tai – Muteki Venus (5th Single)

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Stardust Promotion A studio of 16.0 years old with an average age of 16.0 years old who has released overwhelming performance based on Fukuoka, starting with Oricon Weekly Top 10, all 4 singles released, with a pair of masterpieces released in 100 years. “Bye bye bye” which is a coupling …

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Batten Showjo Tai – Special Day (NEW SINGLE)

Buy Batten Show Jo Tai’s “Special Day”! Minshai Ban CD+DVD | CDJapan | YesAsia CD Track List SPECIAL DAY KOTOBA TENNIS SPECIAL DAY -INST- KOTOBA TENNIS -INST- DVD Track List 福岡BEATSTATIONワンマン公演のライブ&ドキュメント映像を収録予定 Kikinshai Ban | CDJapan | YesAsia Track List SPECIAL DAY KOTOBA TENNIS KORORIN HAPPY FANTASY SPECIAL DAY …

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New PV Alert: Momoiro Clover Z – stay gold

It’s a topsy turvy world for Momoiro Clover’s 11th anniversary release “stay gold”, their 20th single overall. Decidedly more mature, the promotional video places the girls in a reality where gravity works both ways like your favorite MC, MC Escher. Double-timed drums blast their way through the arrangement that keeps …

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