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Alice Project’s Newest Unit: Game Girls!

Game Girls

Mixing games and idols is a combination not seen often, but when it happens we get very excited! Today, Alice Project, home of niche idol groups/units such as Armor Girls, Steam Girls and also Alice Juban, made the grand announcement of their latest niche to hit the PARMS stage in …

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New music projects for Shino Alice, formerly of Gekijouban Gokigen Teikoku (劇場版ゴキゲン帝国) . “NO TITLE STORY” puts the idol through an amusement park for an electric sound concept that is more pop than electronica. Alice takes her time meandering through the night scenes of Cosmoworld in Yokohama, and along the …

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Episode Recap: Daily Alice Ep 1325

On today’s episode, Kubota Misa finally cleans her damn room. Among the Alice Project faithful it’s pretty common knowledge that Kubota Misa is a filthy idol. It’s ungodly how bad her room has gotten. I’m honestly surprised she doesn’t smell at the lives. So what kind of horror’s will we …

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New PV Alert: Kamen Joshi – SENJIN CUTTER

In absentia for quite a while in the New PV Alerts, today we get a new promotional video from Kamen Joshi, the masked idol unit from Alice Project. Featuring a drastically different lineup of girls form our last visit, “SENJIN CUTTER (先陣☆CUTTER)” still features the rock arrangements clashed with idol …

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Kamen Joshi’s – Kamen Tairiku ~Perusonia~ / ISUMI ~Shikisai no Machi de~ (NEW SINGLE)

Buy Kamen Joshi’s “Kamen Tairiku ~Perusonia~ / ISUMI ~Shikisai no Machi de~”! TypeA Track List 1. 仮面大陸~ペルソニア~ 2. ISUMI~四季彩の街で~ 3. ブルー☆スカイ 4. 私にチャイム | CDJapan | YesAsia TypeC Track List 1. 仮面大陸~ペルソニア~ 2. ISUMI~四季彩の街で~ 3. ブルー☆スカイ 4. 私にチャイム | CDJapan | YesAsia TypeB Track List 1. 仮面大陸~ペルソニア~ 2. …

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