2chan Says the Darndest Things Vol. 3

Volume 3 of “2chan Says the Darndest Things”! HERE WE GO!

What kind of threads would AKB members start if they had their own 2chan that only they could post in?

Thread of people who truly dislike having their ears touched by Kuramochi Asuka.

Who do you respect? Maeda-san or Oshima-san?

What are you throwing down in the Janken Tournament?

Introduce me to ikemen wotas.

I’m a research student. Will you old hags graduate already?

Which club should I join to help my career?

The dude from Comedy-duo Speedwagon asked me for my e-mail address. What should I do?

Why do we gain weight?(B only)

What is Ono Erena doing right now lol?

[Dance Battle] SKE and NMB don’t get along [Wota fishing battle]

[Honest] Which soy milk works [flast chest]

People who deleted Yonezawa and Hirajima’s contact info, unite

The reason why Shukan AKB is boring is not me

Teach me how to lip-sync better

Yasusu has gone off the deep end

How to communicate with your senpai for dummies

Who would you want to form a sub-unit with?

Am I ugly?

I have experience at center. Do you have any questions?

Who do I have to take a two-shot photo with to get a lot of access?

[Print Club] Teach me how to delete my personal profiles and websites from the past

Thread to complain about annoying staff members part 2

General Elections that we pick

The thread for people who have touched Sayanee’s chest

The victims of Sashiharassment unite

Do you have a song you hate?

A thread to teach Acchan research students’ names

Post your best pet dog pictures

[SKE] Thread for those who really wanted to be in AKB [NMB]


What happens to you when you go to karaoke with non-wotas

I’m an old man and I sang “Team B Oshi” and people were taken back. Do you guys go all out?

Heavy Rotation is cool, right?

Oogoe Diamond and Iiwake Maybe are fine.

I sing “Tenshi no Shippo” with choreography.

I’m in college and sang a lot of Nogizaka and people got excited.

When I’m with my friends and when we’re super drunk, I sing a whole bunch of stuff. I don’t want to sing a stage song though.

I run to “Mushi no Ballad” or “Bird”.

I mix without thinking.

I sing stage songs and then people say, “Huh? What is this? AKB?” and they’re taken back.

I sometimes think that I can pull off a stage song if the people I’m with know members up to 12th in ranking.

You can sing songs in Sayaka’s key.

I do everything I can to not mix when a girl is singing an AKB song.

I invite people to sing “Team B Oshi” with me but they left the room saying that they were going to get drinks.

I went with my girlfriend. I sang “Kimi no Koto ga Sukidakara” with choreography and she dumped me later that night.

I sang, “Ue Kara Mariko” with my name instead and no one had an issue.

I think AKB songs are fine but SKE and NMB aren’t known enough to be accepted.

SKE’s dance is too hard so no thanks.

Regular people don’t know stage songs and sub-units either so it’s hard to pick a song.

I like SKE more but NMB songs are easier to sing.

Are people taken back even if you are an old man?

I can sing AKB with alcohol. Those who do it without are dare-devils.

The hierarchy or genres that people accept: famous songs -> minor songs -> AKB -> anime songs -> vocaloid

I sang, “Wagamama Collection” without knowing the second half. I repeated, “onii-chan” quite a bit. I’m glad I was just with men.

I went to a party that ended up at a karaoke box. I worked up the courage with my kouhai wota and sang a bunch of theater songs. We noticed a lot of people had left.

I sing what I want to sing. Got a problem with that?

I went to karaoke today and sang, “Everyday, Kachuusha” and they told me my voice sounded creepy.

Don’t be discouraged by people calling you, “creepy”. I did the “AKB~48!” intro from “River” as loud as I can and my friends left.

I LOLed when I went to karaoke yesterday and the machine had, “Finland Miracle”.

I chanted a mix as I was singing and they told me that I was scaring them. Got a problem with that?

I heard a stage song from another room. I told my friend that it was AKB and sang it for them. They haven’t invited me to karaoke since.

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