Yuko Before There was Yuko

Remember the original Yuko. I’m talking about Ogura Yuko. The weird girl that claimed she was from another planet. I don’t know where Ogura Yuko stands right now as far as relevance. The last I heard she started promotions for a brand of meat. But I didn’t take that as her getting desperate but more of a continuation of her weirdness.

Anyways, this was one of my favorite PVs for a while. It was Yuko being Yuko, back before any of this AKB craze.


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  1. Wait…this was your favorite PV at one time? Really?

    Ages ago, Ogura was in my radar and became one of my favorite models because of her work but her songs were never something of note, aside from MAYBE ‘Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko’. She’s first and foremost a gravure and modeling idol; and I think she’s more-or-less still relevant in that field, but her dabble into music was a sidebar than anything substantial. Now I want to buy a Ogura Calandar.

  2. Hey glad to see more Yukorin fans! I think I tend to like weird girls, this pv might seem strange but I don’t I would have it any other way! It is completely her style, I wonder if she choreographed it herself?
    But Dae’s right, she’s only released one album and a few singles, mostly around 2004.
    Also she’s got her own dress line and jewelry line now too. o.o

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