Your Birthdays Just got Better

do you have a Birthday? Awesome! Do you like AKB48? Also Awesome! What do these have in common?

Theater manager Togasaki has informed the fans that starting this October, AKS has decided to take these two great things and mash them together. Every month the AKB theater will have a few shows dedicated ONLY to fans who have a birthday of that month, and that includes us foreigners!

Togasaki said that there will be a follow-up post with more details about it, but I assume there’s gotta be some unique elements to this, whether it’s that they all get treated to cake, have Namida Surprise and Tanjoubi no Yoru performed for them, or get special b-day swag for attending. It’s always nice to see new ideas implemented to keep things shaking, and it’s a good way to give fans a good fighting chance to get in the theater at least once a year. Knowing how large AKB’s fanbase is these days and how small the AKB theater is (holding only 250 people max), they need all the help they can get.

My birthday is in the scorching month of July so I’m not thrilled that I have to be in Japan in an ungodly month to get into this but if the opportunity arises, you bet I will do everything in my power to get into one of these shows.


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  1. Hmm, Japan in September next year? That might just be doable.

  2. Next July Dae, we celebrate in Akiba!

  3. I study in JPN and will be actually living there again during my bday next year in November, so I know what I’m doing.

  4. I don’t know what to say to this. Kind of speechless.

  5. Well I’m a December birthday, sadly no chance for me going out this year…. perhaps next year?

    wonder what these shows will be like I espect something like they do for the birthdays of the girls but on a larger scale, possibly with a bit of cake and a ‘gift’ from AKB (i.e. swag) and of course, them singing Happy Birthday to you, like at the end of a birthday stage and maybe even MC when the girls talking about the birthdays?

    as for the Teams that do them well you would hope for one ‘special’ show from each team but maybe that is too much…

  6. Huh. I have to be in Japan in the mild month of May? Sounds nice. But I would totally go if banks were less…rob-proof….

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