You Cannot Be Serious

one_pieceI cannot believe this weeks One Piece ended the way it did, what a cock tease.

On to Naruto….


Naruto was even more of a tease.

What am I going to do with my life?

I need something to read.

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  1. Are you looking for long anime series? Umm.. I guess I could give some suggestions like D Gray Man, GetBackers, Fruits Basket, and Black lagoon.. If you already saw them then my bad. Yeah, I haven’t really tuned into Naruto or One piece.

  2. Yea lately, one piece and naruto have been, like a tease every new chapter. I have to admit that in the beginning i didnt like this whole Luffy-solo-adventure, but hell now its getting really interesting. Im still trying to figure what its every crew member doing in his actual “land site”.
    About long ass mangas, what about berserk or claymore, i think im gona have to write a “will” to my childrens to end reading berserk for me.

  3. Flcl, toradora, darker than black, soul eater…Eve no Jikan, bleach, Zombie Loan,Asu no Yoichi!, clannad, Sekirei…. just to name a few.

    My tops would be toradora, sekirei, darker than black, soul eater.

    hope this helps


  4. Chubbycheeks720

    damn i know exactly hat you mean, right now im reading Psyren and OMG

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